The Safest Way to Store Knives You've Probably Never Thought Of

You’ll never go back to storing knives in a countertop knife block.

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Let's be honest, countertop clutter is a problem in most kitchens, and oftentimes a big, bulky knife block is the biggest offender. Don't get me wrong, I love to look at a sturdy knife block just as much as the next food professional. They're impressive yet practical and signify to visitors that you know what you're doing in the kitchen (or at least pretend to). The thing is, they take up a lot of counter space, and if you have little kids in the house, they're not exactly the safest storage option. If you're stuck in a tighter kitchen or have little ones whose grabby hands are getting dangerously close to the countertop, it might be time to look for an alternative storage solution.

The good news? There's a safer way to store knives that you probably hadn't thought of before: in your drawer. Nope, not thrown haphazardly into your utensil drawer. We're talking about a streamlined knife tray that sits horizontally inside your drawer and holds knives safely and efficiently while preserving their sharp edges. Cue my new favorite find: Wüsthof's Inside-the-Drawer Knife rack.

Wusthof In Drawer Tray Knife Storage,
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This inside-the-drawer knife rack saves counter space by stowing your knives away safely, rather than letting them sit on the countertop. With 14 dedicated slots, it holds each knife individually and can accommodate six large knives (up to 10-inch blades) and eight small knives (like paring knives or steak knives). The horizontal rack is made of beech wood and sits flush inside your drawer, so the blades are completely protected and the handles are easy to grab. There's even a felt bottom that prevents any damage to your drawers. Need more than 14 slots? No problem. As long as your drawers are wide enough, these knife trays are designed to seamlessly sit next to each other in a buildable, horizontal row, so you can add to your collection anytime you want.

I love this rack because it's thoughtfully designed to save space and I don't have to worry about little hands swiping something they shouldn't. It also makes my countertop look clean, streamlined, and professional, which are three words you don't always associate with a home kitchen. The tray is heavy enough that it stays put and doesn't slide around in my drawer, which gives me extra peace of mind that things are stored away safely.

The only thing to keep in mind before jumping to purchase? Make sure your drawers are deep enough. Depending on the shape of your knife handle, it might sit up too high which could prevent the drawer from closing completely. Aside from that, these knife trays are a surefire way to save space, preserve your knives, and stock a safer kitchen.

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