Cut Your Air Fryer Clean-Up Time In Half With This Dishwasher-Safe Insert

It’s a must-have air fryer accessory.

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WAVELU Air Fryer Silicone Pot
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Crispy buffalo cauliflower, flavorful chicken thighs, and crunchy french fries are achievable with less mess when you've got an air fryer in your kitchen. Not only does this popular appliance offer an easy alternative to deep frying and slash cooking time in half, but it also eliminates the need to fidget with a hot oven or an open flame. The one downside is that cleaning your air fryer basket can require a bit of elbow grease. This silicone air fryer insert from Amazon can help you cut down on cleaning time, and you can get it for as little as $7 apiece.

Sold in a pack of three, Wavelu's Air Fryer Pot is a durable accessory that helps you achieve delicious food without the hassle of a lengthy clean-up. Its made ofa nonstick and heat-resistant silicone, that nestles right in the drawer. It also has convenient carrying handles, and a round interior to prevent food bits from getting stuck in the corners of your fryer. Use it to catch liquid on juicier items like roasted chicken and steak, or to prevent tougher foods like thinly sliced vegetables, chocolate chip cookies, or hashbrowns from sticking to your basket.

Wavelu Air Fryer Silicone Pot
Courtesy of Amazon

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Choose from two sizes: one that fits most baskets between 3 and 5 quarts, and another for 5.3 quarts and bigger. The straight raised lines at the bottom are like grates that make it easier it to scrub afterward, plus the silicone is bendable, so you can move it around to get into every nook and cranny. It can also handle temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — plenty hot to bake those potatoes.

With over 2,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, shoppers call this handy air fryer accessory "a time saver," adding that it "makes clean-up so easy," since you can put it in the dishwasher or handwash it. This satisfied customer agrees, noting that it cut down cleaning time significantly and that it's a "great kitchen gadget." Another reviewer loves that it catches food drippings that otherwise might have been harder to clean, and this pleased shopper even titled their review: "Worth every single penny." In fact, this reviewer who uses it every day liked it so much "we bought a second."

Whether you're looking to make your air fryer more efficient or you want to cut down your cleaning time, this little hack is a great find. For $20, you get three inserts, which come out to just under $7 a pop. Head to Amazon to snag the Wavelu Silicone Air Fryer Pot for yourself.

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