This Best-Selling Paring Knife 'Slices Through Lemons Like Soft Butter'—and It's Just $8

It can also peel potatoes, cut cheese, and devein shrimp.

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Victorinox 3.25 Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife with Straight Edge
Photo: Amazon

Understandably, your chef's knife might be your most-used blade. But if you're doing tasks that require precision, a paring knife like this small-but-mighty option from Victorinox is just what you'll need. And it's just $8 right now on Amazon.

The Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife is ideal for ingredient prep, including peeling potatoes, slicing strawberries, or scoring meat. Its short blade is also great for tasks that require control, like deveining shrimp. While it's available with a serrated edge, the straight edge blade is smooth and has a pointy tip that shoppers said "cuts effortlessly" and doesn't drag, so you can slice more efficiently.

Victorinox Paring Knife
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife, $8 (originally $9) at

The sharp blade also has a flexible construction that can come in handy while peeling vegetables and fruit. The downfall? You might have difficulty cutting harder items like celery or carrots. But don't let that stop you: Many reviewers actually appreciate the thin blade and one confirmed it is "flexible enough without being too flimsy." And another shopper said the flexible blade "makes peeling, twisting, and any fine work a breeze."

The paring knife has a textured handle with an ergonomic design for easy holding, even when it's wet. Its plastic makeup is an additional feature that gives the knife a lightweight feel and makes it easy to use, per shoppers. Although the thin handle may not feel as sturdy as one from a chef's knife, a reviewer who didn't think the knife would feel comfortable at first later confirmed, "When you're using the knife, the blade seems simply to be an extension of your hand."

The Amazon best-seller has thousands of five-star ratings so far from shoppers who use it to core fruits, cut vegetables, and slice cheese. A fan who gave the knife a perfect five-star rating even said it "slices through lemons like soft butter." Impressive!

When you need a nimble knife for smaller items, go with this $8 Victorinox paring knife that's so affordable, you can get one in every color.

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