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This Wireless and Portable Air Brewer Is the Secret to Sweeter Tasting Coffee

I never liked black coffee until I tried it.
By Carly Kulzer
May 22, 2021
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In my opinion, there's nothing better than a warm drink in the morning. But no matter what brand of grounds I tried, I could never get past the bitter taste of coffee. This inevitably led me to filling half my mug with milk and creamer, which I know is frowned upon in the coffee world. After many attempts to make the switch to black coffee, I almost gave up-until I tried the VacOne Air Brewer.

The brand claims that its innovative machine makes sweeter coffee by using vacuum technology to release "more flavor in a shorter amount of time," thereby reducing bitterness and acidity. After trying it for myself, I could barely believe my taste buds. I actually enjoyed black coffee and felt like I gained a new appreciation for it-no milk and creamer required. The best part? It's completely wireless and portable, so I can use it practically anywhere. Plus, it only takes four minutes to make a hot or cold brew.

To buy: $89; amazon.com

You might be wondering how it works, and thankfully it's only a four-step process. The coffee maker even comes with all of the accessories you'll need, including a scoop, stirrer, and USB charging cable.

To start, ensure the metal mesh filter is properly in place and then add four scoops (five for cold brew) of finely ground coffee. Then, slowly pour hot water (room temperature water for cold brew) onto the coffee and let it steep for 1 minute to 4 minutes. Use the stirrer to mix the water and coffee grounds and press the start button. When it stops brewing, press the button again to turn it off. Stir the saturated coffee grounds before releasing the vacuum seal to reduce pressure in the carafe, and then enjoy a fresh cup of air-brewed coffee.

The cleaning process is just as easy, which is a bonus for me since I'm usually rushing to get to work. The reusable metal filter and black air vacuum top need to be hand-washed after removing the leftover coffee grounds, but the scoop, stirrer, and carafe can all be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The VacOne portable and wireless brewer has officially replaced my traditional coffee maker, and I'll be taking it on all of my upcoming camping trips. Trust me, if you think you don't like black coffee, give this machine a try before completely ruling it out. You can always add extras for added sweetness, so you really can't go wrong.