Chefs and Home Cooks Swear by These 'Unicorns of the Dish Towel World' That Are Now Under $1.50 Apiece

Molly Baz says she uses them with abandon.

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Utopia Towels Kitchen Dish Towels
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No matter how often you cook or your skill level, one thing is for sure: You need a kitchen dish towel. Preferably, a huge stack that is both affordable and highly absorbent. A good dish towel is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen and an absolute necessity when it comes to efficient cooking. So which ones should you stock up on?

Professional chefs and home cooks are both reaching for the same restaurant-grade cut of cloth, Utopia Kitchen Dish Towels — and they're on sale at Amazon now for just under $1.50 apiece.

"Sturdy kitchen towels like the Utopia Kitchen towels can function threefold: as an oven mitt (for grabbing hot pots and pans from the oven), as a cleaning rag, and as a dinner napkin," chef and best-selling author Molly Baz told Food & Wine. "They're cheap, so buy lots of them and use them as I do: with abandon."

Utopia Kitchen Towel review
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To buy: Utopia Kitchen Dish Towels, Pack of 12, $17 (originally $20) at

These simple-but-attractive white towels with blue stripes are made of one 100% ring-spun cotton, making them highly absorbent and durable. The cotton strands are twisted into tight fibers before being woven into towels. This helps them last longer, while remaining soft and pliable enough to dry delicate glassware and silverware without leaving any scratches or lint behind.

If you have ever struggled to hand-dry dishes as well as a dishwasher, Amazon shoppers say Utopia's flour-sack style dish towels can help. "They really dry any dish, even plastic, which usually tends to not want to come dry," a user shared. Flour sack dish towels like these are designed with the same thin cotton weave that flour and grain used to be packed in. It's the thin yarn and looser weave that make these towels so absorbent and home cooks can attest to just how well they really soak up spills.

"These dish towels are super soft yet absorbent enough to handle bigger messes," one shopper noted, while divulging that they haven't felt the need to buy paper towels since stocking up. Another called Utopia towels the "unicorns of the dish towel world." They added, "For the price (which is modest), they are worth every cent and then some."

A pack of 12 is on sale on Amazon now for only $17. If you're used to buying overpriced kitchen dish towels that come in sets of two, twelve might sound like too many. Trust us, it's not. Especially when Utopia Kitchen dish towels have so many different uses. Best of all, since they're handsome, in a rustic farm-to-table kind of way, you can use them as dinner table napkins, like Molly does when cooking for a crowd.

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