Cookies and Other Treats 'Slide Right Off' This Long-Lasting Rimless Cookie Sheet

Shoppers say “you will get a lifetime of use” out of this well-designed tray.”

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USA Pan Bakeware Cookie Sheet
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What's a batch of delicious cookies without a good nonstick cookie sheet? A very crusty, crumbly mess. No matter how good your dough is, it takes two to tango, so your baking tray needs to be quality, too. If your current cookie pans are hindering your baking sessions, it's time to upgrade.

The USA Pan large cookie sheet is a five-star addition to your kitchen, according to 1,300 customers. One reviewer wrote what every sweet treat aficionado wants to hear: "Cookies slide right off and cleanup is a dream." It's constructed out of aluminum and has a nonstick silicone coating that's BPA, PTFE, and PFOA free.

USA Pan Bakeware Cookie Sheet, Large
Courtesy of Amazon

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A nonstick cooking surface isn't the only feature that makes it easy to remove treats from this pan. The baking sheet is rimless with one angled ledge, which serves as a good handle for taking it in and out of the oven. That means the other three sides are superbly laid out for shimmying cookies off without breaking a sweat. In some cases, shoppers have even found the surface to be delightfully slippery.

"I'm in LOVE," wrote a satisfied reviewer. "I've used it once, washed it, and it's effortless. I baked cookies and went to shovel it off with the spatula, and the cookie actually slid off the island! My pup was happy."

The pan is durable, too, and with good care it will last in your kitchen for a long time. "This was the best money I have ever spent on bakeware," explained a shopper who has owned the pans for two years. "If you are a long-time baker or short-timer, purchase the USA line of bakeware and you will get a lifetime of use."

And they're not wrong. "I bought these as a gift because I've used these pans for 10 years," another person added. "I love them, you can bake anything on them and it doesn't stick."

Brand aside, aluminum is understandably already a fan-favorite material for cooking tools because of its heat conductivity and resilience. But add a nonstick coating and you're golden, as it won't be a battle to get your recipes off the tray when they're done. And if you need a smaller tray, USA Pan's version also comes in a medium size that's roughly four inches smaller than the large (it's 14 inches wide and long instead of 18).

A sturdy, reliable cookie sheet is an investment that pays for itself. Complete your perfect cookie and treat-baking experience with one of these smartly designed pans starting at $26.

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