12 Great Trivets For Countertops and Tables

Stop resorting to using your oven mitts and commit to the real thing.

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Carter Acacia Wood Trivet
Photo: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

The one item that you never think of but always need is a trivet. They to protect your tables and countertops from heat damage from those great cast irons and bakeware that you need a spot for when you whip it out of the oven. Hot plates, pots and pans always need a space to go especially when the stovetop is occupied, and a good trivet stand is the best idea. When the kitchen is overwhelmed during holidays like Thanksgiving or Easter, you'll need a spot to put the goods.

On top of that essential protection, trivets themselves can also be design pieces for your table spread. Whether it’s marble or stoneware, wood or cast iron, there are plenty of gorgeous materials that will sufficiently safeguard your surfaces from burns and stains. Play them up with colors, sizes and styles for your own kitchen aesthetic. We've gathered a few of our favorite options, so read on for our picks for trivets for hot dishes.

Marble and Copper Trivet

Marble and Copper Trivet
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

As beautiful as it is functional, this white marble slab with natural grey veining is trimmed with a trendy copper-plated base. As a naturally occurring stone, marble doesn’t conduct heat, which means it’ll protect your table. You can also find a spoon rest to match, making cleanup a breeze.

French Kitchen Marble and Copper Trivet, $20 at crateandbarrel.com

Le Creuset Trivet

Le Creuset Deluxe Round Trivet
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Made of cast iron coated in shiny enamel, the tripod construction of this piece elevates hot cookware above the surface of a counter or table. Its elaborate design is inspired by the architectural style of the Belle Epoque.

Le Creuset Deluxe Round Trivet, $75 at amazon.com or lecreuset.com

Stoneware Twist Trivet

Courtesy of Food52
Courtesy of Food52

Unlike the low-slung trivets you may be used to, this dynamic, artful twist gives your hot pans a bit of height. The stoneware creation will safeguard your surfaces flawlessly and also look stylish as a decorative ornament on your bookshelf or mantle.

Sin Handmade Twist Trivet, $38 at food52.com

Acacia Wood Trivet

Carter Acacia Wood Trivet
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

The geometric design of this wooden trivet features concentric octagonal rings, rendering the piece both a tool for shielding your table from the heat, as well as a centerpiece.

Carter Acacia Wood Trivet, $20 at crateandbarrel.com

Cast Iron Trivet

Staub Trivet
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Rest your substantial hot cookware on this heavyweight cast-iron version with a glossy enamel finish and you’ll never worry about damaging your dining table. The intricate rosette design is worthy of display while in use or not.

Staub Cast-Iron Trivet, $75 at amazon.com or williams-sonoma.com

Adjustable Trivet

Areaware Big Little Trivet
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

While this beechwood piece looks cool hung up on the wall, we think its practicality is even cooler. Since there is a string threaded through all nine dowels, the wood extends to accommodate bigger pots.

Areaware Big Little Trivet, $24 at amazon.com

Brass Trivet

Fruitsuper Design Brass Lift Trivet
Courtesy of Food52

A minimalist brass style adds sleek sophistication to the table. It reminds us of a bent paperclip and we love it for that.

Fruitsuper Design Brass Lift, $48 at westelm.com or food52.com

Silicone Trivet

Le Creuset French Trivet
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Silicone is an inexpensive yet effective way to protect your tables and countertops. This design mimics cast iron with a classic look.

Le Creuset French Silicone Trivet, $16 at amazon.com or lecreuset.com

Olivewood Trivet

Olivewood Trivet
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The golden color and sturdy durability of olivewood make it an attractive, smart choice for a trivet. This piece boasts decorative holes that help ventilate hot serving dishes.

Olivewood Trivet, $30 at williams-sonoma.com

Decorative Glass Trivet

Annie Glass
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

Made from recycled Annieglass scrap, this ethereal piece reflects the ocean. Perfect for a beach house kitchen, the glass will keep rings and stains away from your countertops.

Annieglass Elements Earth Trivet, $68 at bloomingdales.com

Concrete Trivet

Hexagon Concrete Trivet
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

If you're into a minimalist, industrial style, this concrete trivet pairs well with sleek white dishes and simple wooden bowls.

Hexagon Concrete Trivet, $17 at crateandbarrel.com

Train Tracks Trivet

Cofield Brass and Walnut Trivet
Courtesy of Food52

We love the train track vibes of this elevated trivet made of brass and walnut wood. This piece can shine on the table under a pot or as decoration.

Cofield Brass and Walnut Trivet, $68 at food52.com

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