Whether you’re moving into a college dorm room or need extra beverage storage, a mini fridge can help you out.
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Any kitchen can benefit from extra storage, especially when it comes to the refrigerator. If freeing up shelf space in your fridge is a constant struggle, it may be time to add a mini-fridge. These bite-sized appliances offer additional real estate for everything from fresh produce and leftovers to late-night snacks. And if you're entertaining, one can act as a beverage fridge to keep everyone's drinks chilled and close by during the party. Their petite stature also makes them great for small apartments, offices, and college dorm rooms that don't have the square footage to spare

Mini fridges are one of our favorite dark horse kitchen appliance essentials, so we scoured the Internet and found the highest-rated models on the market. Below, you'll find the best mini fridges to suit every budget, space, and storage need. They've all earned thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon.

The 10 Best Mini Fridges of 2022

What to Look for in a Mini Fridge

No two mini fridges are alike. With a vast variety of mini fridges available online, narrowing down your search based on these criteria will help:

Size: A good place to start is with measurements. Take the dimensions of the space where your new mini fridge will be residing so you can be confident that the model will fit.

Design: Now that you know how big your fridge should be, focus your attention on the actual design of the model. Take a look at the inside of your prospective mini fridge: If it's going to be designated for beverages, then you probably won't need a lot of shelf space. But if you're planning on using it as an overflow refrigerator to your main one, opt for a model with two to three shelves, convenient bins, and storage on the door. 

Also, do you need a mini fridge freezer? If yes, will you be requiring a lot of freezer space? Most mini fridges have a thin freezer section that can only house things like ice trays, but larger, two-door ones will offer more freezer space. Speaking of doors, people living in small spaces might benefit from a mini fridge with reversible doors as opposed to ones that only open to the right or left. 

Features: Looking for something with a few bells and whistles? There are models that give you temperature control, automatic defrosting capability, and cooling and warming functionality. Some even make ice on demand and have mirrors, dry erase boards, and LED lights on the door. 

Best for Storage: Homelabs Mini Fridge

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

The Homelabs Mini Fridge is a storage-friendly model with three removable shelves for a customized layout. Inside the door, there are three compartments to fit condiments, eggs, full-sized milk cartons, and soda and wine bottles, plus a convenient vertical rack to stack canned beverages. The stainless steel fridge, which has more than 1,000 five-star ratings, also comes with a fun extra feature. In addition to plenty of storage (3.3 cubic feet) and adjustable temperature control, the door has an exterior design that allows you to write and erase notes—"clean me" or "pick up more milk," for instance. Bonus points for the freezing chamber, which allows you to make ice and has a thin compartment for things like frozen pizza. 

"This is a great mini fridge for a basement, a college dorm, [or] a small office," one Amazon shopper wrote. "It's got plenty of space inside while not taking up too much space outside. We've had it for six to seven months in our lake cabin and the cooling is great even with the heatwave we had last week."

To buy: $200 (originally $225); amazon.com

Best Budget: Cooluli Concord Compact Mini Fridge

Cooluli compact cooler
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

The Cooluli Concord Compact Mini Fridge may be significantly smaller than most models with its 11-inch width, 14-inch depth, and 16-inch height, but it's the perfect budget mini fridge because it packs a bunch of customizable features, like LED touch screen functionality, temperature control, and cooling and warming options. If you're really pressed for space, the top-rated model (it has hundreds of five-star ratings) can sit on a tabletop. Plus, it's available in aqua blue, black, white, and pink, so it can match your decor. 

"This does exactly what it says," one Amazon shopper assured. "I use it for bottled water in my shop. I wanted something compact and to keep my water cold. I put six bottles of water in and checked the temperatures the next day. I put the temp as low as it could go and to my surprise, my water was freezing cold." Other reviewers love its quiet motor, adjustable shelves, and portable size. 

To buy: $150; amazon.com

Best Portable: Cooluli Electric Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.

For an even smaller mini fridge, the Cooluli Electric Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge is a travel-friendly model that can fit up to six standard-sized cans and can heat up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The Amazon best-seller, which has over 13,000 five-star ratings, can be used inside or outside, and it has a DC adapter that makes it portable. You can even power it with a 2A power bank. The energy-efficient mini fridge also has a whisper-quiet motor and a handle at the top that reviewers love. 

"I really like this Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer," one shopper said in their review. "In the last few months, I've used the Cooluli for a friend's insulin, water, and cold coffee beverages during a couple of spontaneous summertime road trips. It's lightweight, car travel-friendly, compact, and very quiet. It keeps things chilled, even if I turn off the car engine for a couple of hours to sleep." 

To buy: $49 (originally $70); amazon.com

Best for Beer & Beverages: NewAir Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator

NewAir 2.2 cu. ft. Beverage Center
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair.

With seven custom thermostat settings, the NewAir Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator helps you keep beer, soda, and more at the perfect temperature for serving. In total, it can hold up to 126 cans on its six space-saving shelves, each of which is removable. It has a secure railing to keep the cans in place. The bottom row is reserved for taller cans and bottles, and its glass door allows you to see everything inside. More than 1,200 reviewers on Amazon have left five stars, raving over the mini fridge's LED light feature and compact size. 

"My boyfriend loves his new beer fridge," one reviewer shared. "It's very sleek looking and the LED light adds a nice touch. It's perfect storage for cans or bottles and you can even fit a two-liter bottle in there if necessary. It also has a dial on top to adjust the temperature setting which is a great option for those who like almost frozen drinks." 

To buy: $297; amazon.com

Best with Freezer: Costway Compact Refrigerator

mini fridges
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Offering 2.25 cubic feet of separate freezer storage, the Costway Compact Refrigerator is one of the most spacious mini fridges around. Its roomy freezer has a separate door with a convenient shelf, while the fridge compartment has two removable shelves, a crisper drawer to store produce, and multiple shelving opportunities on the door. The two-door mini fridge also has adjustable feet, temperature control, reversible doors, and interior light. It runs on a silent, high-powered motor. 

"I love the nice-sized freezer," one Amazon reviewer said. "[It's] a must if you want to use it for more than drinks… It holds surprisingly a lot. It freezes ice yet the food doesn't get super frozen."

To buy: from $216; amazon.com

Best for Dorm Rooms: Black+Decker BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator  

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25W Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The Black+Decker Compact Refrigerator is dorm room-approved thanks to its all-in-one sleek design. It comes with a freezer section and offers up to 2.5 cubic feet of storage. The customer-loved mini fridge gives you complete control with its removable shelves, adjustable temperature settings, and leveling legs, which help it stand evenly on sloped floors. Plus, it has a reversible door, so you can switch it based on your room layout. 

Amazon shoppers have given this model more than 2,400 five-star ratings and were impressed with how much it can hold. Others highlighted that there's a tray to catch water from the freezer and that the motor is "quiet as a mouse." 

To buy: from $150; amazon.com

Best for Offices & Small Spaces: Danby Designer Mini Fridge

mini fridges
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At 16 by 17 by 19 inches, the Danby Designer Mini Fridge is one of the more compact models you can get, but it doesn't sacrifice space. The sleek mini fridge is designed to fit on countertops and desktops and offers 1.6 cubic feet of storage, including one shelf and two door compartments. It's also energy-efficient and has easy temperature adjustment settings. 

"[This] is perfect for my part-time, one-person office," one reviewer shared. "I mainly wanted space to hold lunch, milk, and water and this size is perfect for my purposes, with room for additional items… The interior door storage can hold cans/bottles, a half-gallon of milk or juice, and the top of the fridge is made of a scratch-resistant surface perfect for holding my Keurig or another heavier electronic item."

To buy: $145; amazon.com

Best with Auto Defrost: Midea Compact Refrigerator

mini fridges
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If auto defrost is your main concern, the Midea Compact Refrigerator is exactly what you've been looking for. Thanks to its manual temperature control and defrost settings, this top-rated mini fridge model not only prevents frosting and freezer burn, but also makes cleaning a breeze. Other key features include its reversible door design, adjustable legs, removable shelves, crisper drawer, and internal LED light. Plus, it's available in three colors and has more than 2,500 five-star ratings. 

"A real deal for the price," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "Unlike some similar mini fridges, this one self defrosts. I got this one because reviewers said it had good room in the freezer and it does… [It's] very quiet and defrosts a lot, which worried me at first but everything stays cold."

To buy: from $200 (originally $250); amazon.com

Best for Skincare: Cooseon Mini Fridge

mini fridges
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Sure, any mini fridge can be a skincare fridge, but the Cooseon Mini Fridge has something that other compact refrigerators don't: an LED-illuminating mirror door so you can always have the perfect lighting for your beauty routine. The portable fridge fits on a vanity or bathroom counter and has warming capabilities and removable shelves. It's not hard to see why it's at the top of Amazon's best-sellers list in its category or why it has hundreds of five-star ratings and glowing reviews. 

"This mini fridge is the absolute best," according to one Amazon shopper. "I was concerned about the size and if it would be able to hold the various sizes of my stuff. And I'm pleased to say that it certainly does... I think the mirrored door with the three-setting LED [light] is a clever idea and it adds a little glam to my whole set up." 

To buy: $80; amazon.com 

Best Color Options: RCA RFR320 Mini Refrigerator

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator,
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Want a mini fridge that serves as an accent piece? Then you'll need a model that comes in something other than black and white. Available in eight striking hues, the RCA Mini Refrigerator indulges your creative side and provides plenty of food and beverage storage. Packed with a spacious refrigerator section and a smaller freezer compartment, the fridge uses compressor cooling to keep contents chilled and offers full temperature control. You can customize the shelving layout and which way the door swings. 

The RCA mini fridge has upward of 7,000 five-star ratings and thousands of positive reviews. "It's a great red color and is working very well," one reviewer raved. "At the fourth setting, it keeps drinks and food very cold and I haven't noticed any smells or felt overheating on the sides. The freezer keeps ice cream bars just fine. It was light enough to carry up a flight of stairs without too much hassle. It isn't noisy at all, and I don't think it would bother me even if it was in my bedroom."

To buy: from $170; amazon.com