From artisanal kits to birthday cake marshmallows, everything you need for the best s’mores ever.

By Bridget Hallinan
August 29, 2019
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For all the elegant cakes and delicate pastries out there, sometimes, there’s nothing we love more than digging into freshly made s’mores. The toasty marshmallows, the melty chocolate, and the crisp, honey-sweet flavor of the graham crackers make an irresistible combination—the best part? They’re ready in minutes, no oven required. This Labor Day Weekend, we’re stocking up on all-things s’mores so we can enjoy them at our cookouts, from artisan kits stocked with high-quality ingredients to a s’mores maker, should you prefer it to a bonfire. Find out where to buy those tools and treats, along with eight other s’mores essentials, below.

Sugarfina S’Mores

Courtesy of Sugarfina

These tasty “s’mores” bites are made with mini marshmallows covered in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed graham crackers (yes, please). If you really want an indulgent experience, Sugarfina recommends microwaving them for 10-12 seconds, melting the marshmallow and chocolate inside while keeping the graham cracker crust intact.

Sugarfina S’mores, $7.50 at

Little Belgians Speculoos S'Mores Kit

Courtesy of The Savory Pantry

In this kit, Little Belgians provides you with traditional Belgian speculoos cookies (made with cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and cardamom), which are said to taste like gingerbread wafers, as well as vanilla marshmallows from The Candy and “nutty dark chocolate squares” from TCHO chocolate. In total, you can make six fancy s’mores, which is perfect if you’re hosting a small bonfire.

Little Belgians Speculoos S'Mores Kit, $24 at

Terrain Artisan S’mores Kit

Courtesy of Terrain

This kit makes four s’mores, including "hand-crafted, couverture milk chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows, and fresh-baked graham crackers.”

Terrain Ticket Chocolate Artisan S’mores Kit, $20 at

Bond Bar Caramel Smores Bites

Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

Comprised of 54% dark Belgian chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, homemade caramel, marshmallow, and graham crackers, these Bond Bar bites are the ultimate treat.

Bond Bar Caramel Smores Bites, 12 oz., $15 at

Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows

Courtesy of Mouth

Upgrade your typical s’mores recipe with birthday cake—we repeat, birthday cake—marshmallows, which are mixed with rainbow sprinkles for a festive (and tasty) look.

Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows, $12 at

Godiva Dark Sea Salt Chocolate

Courtesy of Godiva

For a sweet-savory, rich flavor profile, add this Godiva chocolate to your s’mores—it blends dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel du Guérnde, an artisanal sea salt from France. Plus, it’s scored into little squares, so you can easily break off pieces for your sandwiches.

Godiva Large 50% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar, Set of 10, $40 (was $50) at

Hershey’s S’Mores Caddy

Courtesy of Amazon

This caddy is perfect for bringing your s’mores ingredients on the go, with a removable tray that can help you organize your chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. (Unfortunately, they’re not included with the package.)

Hershey’s S’Mores Caddy, $16 (was $17) at

Grubstick Smores Stick and Cooking Cage

Courtesy of Amazon

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like—a cage to put your s’mores in while they cook over the fire, so you can toast all of the ingredients at once.

Grubstick Smores Stick, $20 at

Williams-Sonoma S’mores Maker

Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Just like you’d use a fondue set to make fondue, this product is made specifically for s’mores. It’s powered by a roasting chimney with a stainless steel fuel can underneath a grill top, which you cook marshmallows over using roasting sticks. As an added bonus, it’s surrounded by a compartmentalized ceramic tray, so you can keep all of your ingredients organized while you cook.

Williams-Sonoma S’mores Maker, $39 (suggested price $50) at

Charcoal Companion Marshmallow Twig Skewer

Courtesy of Amazon

Every good s’more needs a toasty marshmallow, and this roasting skewer is perfect for cooking them over the fire—plus, it has a non-stick finish.

Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Marshmallow Twig Skewer, $9 (list price $10) at