Because drinking coffee out of an all-powerful hammer is probably the best way to start the day.
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thor at dinner
Credit: Courtesy of Marvel Studios

If Thor: Ragnarok left you feeling like you need to get more Asgard into your life somehow, this kitchenware should do the trick. Whether you're more into Thor-printed drinking glasses, Hulk fist popcorn tubs, or Mjölnir-shaped bottle openers, these are Loki the best gifts for the Marvel lover in your life. (Low-key? Get it?)

thor hammer mug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thor's Hammer-Sculptured Mug

For coffee that literally packs a mean punch (but not as literally as this Hulk fist mug), you can get your daily caffeine fix from this Mjölnir mug.

cute thor mug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thor Stylized Café Press Mug

Or go for a cuter kind of mighty with this mug printed with an adorable, wide-eyed Thor cartoon.

avengers waffle maker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Avengers Waffle Maker

Start your day off powerful: combine that godly cup of coffee with Avengers waffles. This waffle iron will imprint your waffles with Thor's hammer and the Hulk's fist.

thor hammer bottle opener
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Hammer of Thor Beer Bottle Opener

Harness the power of the Norse gods to pry off even the most stubborn of bottle caps with this hammer of Thor bottle opener.

thor coasters
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thor: Ragnarok Coaster Set

If you want to intimidate your guests into not leaving ring stains on your nice wooden surfaces, how about these surprisingly threatening-looking Thor: Ragnarok coasters of Thor, the Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie?

comic thor glass cup
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thor Glass Toon Tumbler

Double down on your obsession by putting a Thor-printed glass on your Thor coasters with this brightly colored tumbler. (Not to be confused with a brightly colored Tumblr.)

thor protein shaker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

PerfectShaker Thor Shaker Cup

If Thor is not just your kitchen goals but also your workout goals, you may need a protein shaker bottle. Try this hammer of Thor one.

thor protein shaker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Thor Kids Apron

If you've got a kid in the house, get them excited about cooking with this Thor-printed apron that pretty much turns them into Thor. If you want to wear it as just a surprisingly small adult's apron, we won’t judge.

hulk popcorn cup
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Hulk Fist Popcorn Tub

If you were more on the Hulk's side of things than Thor's, or if you're more into Mark Ruffalo than Chris Hemsworth (for whatever reason), you can watch any and all future Marvel movies while you're eating popcorn out of the Hulk's fist with this Thor: Ragnarok-themed popcorn tub.

Warning: your Hulk popcorn tub may have to epically face off against this Thor popcorn tub.