Get everything from a "Star Trek" Sushi Kit to a Pokémon Cookbook during this geeky fall sale.
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sushi set
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From winter wear to kitchenware, it's never been easier to proudly parade your geeky side, both in the home and out of it. And with the fall and winter seasons upon us—including annual holiday favorites Halloween and Christmas—the universe is practically begging you to give, receive, and enjoy the nerdiest of things. Thanks to a fall sale at ThinkGeek, an online retailer geared towards helping you express all your many passions, you can start buying and gifting these geeky food, drink, and cooking items for your or someone else's inner kitchen geek.

Star Wars Droid Tea Set

Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Quietly unwind with a warm cup of tea while you re-watch The Force Awakens with the help of this BB-8 Tea Set for one. Brew a nice Cranberry Spice or Pumpkin Chai in the top half of this 12-ounce teapot designed to look like our favorite rebel droid before pouring a cup (or two) for yourself into the 6-ounce teacup bottom.

BB-8 Tea Set, $15 on

Alien Cookie Jar

cookie jar
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Keeping the kids out of the cookie jar (or getting them to remember to leave you one) can be hard. This 12-inch tall, ceramic cookie jar shaped like a terrifying Xenomorph from Ridley Scott's Alien franchise might just do the trick.

Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar, $30 on

Pokémon Cook Book

pokemon cookbook
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Need an easy way to catch all your home's picky eaters favorites during meal time? Want to get your family's perpetual Pokémon Go players to put their phones down and try something new? This Pokemon-themed cook book is the perfect fix for both, with its easy to make meals, like the Pikachu Omelet and Slowpoke Strawberry Mochi Balls, featuring Japanese ingredients.

Pokémon Cookbook, $10 on

Harry Potter Heat-Activated Mug

Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Bring the magic of the wizarding world right into your kitchen with these 20-ounce heat-sensitive, mischief managing mugs. Pour a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and watch as tiny footprints begin to appear all over the Marauder's Map.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Heat Change 20oz Mug, $10 at

Dr. Who Cultery Set

Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Go on an adventure with your food courtesy of this sonic screwdriver-shaped, Dr. Who-themed cutlery set. Created by The Tardis, of course, this three-piece set is sure to help you tackle your own intergalactic time challenge: dinner.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set, $10 at

Star Trek Sushi Set

sushi set
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

With this Star Trek: The Original Series inspired sushi set, you can go to places with your sushi roll that no one has gone before. The entire set comes with a wood sushi plate, chopsticks that look like the warp effect, and a soy sauce dish that can only be accessed upon removal of the Enterprise's saucer top.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set, $20 at

Star Wars Measuring Cups

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
For recipes that call for two beep bloops of flour and one blop boop of sugar. ThinkGeek
| Credit: © ThinkGeek

For recipes that call for two beep bloops of flour and one blop boop of sugar. ThinkGeek

© ThinkGeek © ThinkGeek

Sometimes we need a little assistance computing in the kitchen. Good thing you can have R2-D2 around and willing to help. R2's body is composed of 4 measuring cups (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup) and if you detach his arms, you'll have a complimentary set of measuring spoons.

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set, $20 at

Minecraft Cookie Cutters

cookie cutter
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Get your inventory slots (we mean stomachs) ready for this in-game and out-of-game treat. Stack your cookies in the game before you stack your real cookies cut like a pickaxe, a sword, a player, a cookie (of course), and a Creeper on a plate. You can then stack and store your cutters back in their custom Minecraft-themed tin.

Minecraft Cookie Cutters, $12 at

Fallout Pint Glasses

Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Let your party (or gameplay) get a little nuclear with these Fallout video game-themed pint glasses. You and your friends can claim your favorite in-game logo (Vault-Tec, RobCo Industries, Nuka-Cola, or the trusty Fallout series logo) as you roleplay your way through alternate history and a good time.

Fallout Pint Glass 4-Pack, $17 at

Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit

pizza dish and cutter
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Making a pizza can be a nightmare, but this Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit—based on the point-and-click horror video game—can help you survive the job. Each kit comes with an apron, a pizza cutter, and a pizza pan, as well as a pizza box you can toss your finished meal in.

FNAF Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit, $4 at