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Amazon Shoppers Say This $7 Magnetic Cheat Sheet Makes 'Converting Measurements a Breeze'

Easily transfer ounces into grams.
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Even the most experienced home cooks can admit that every now and then they need a cheat sheet, whether it's to figure out air frying times or how long to grill steak  a perfect medium rare. And while you likely know that three teaspoons equals one tablespoon, there might be other, less standard measurement conversions you're not too familiar with. 

Enter the Talented Kitchen Magnetic Conversion Chart, a handy cheat sheet rife with useful measurement conversions—right at your fingertips. Rather than using flour-caked hands to enlist Google for help, all you have to do is look to this magnet, which includes the most common conversions. You'll be able to quickly and efficiently alter weight conversions, including ounces, pounds, and grams, as well as liquid volume measurements like fluid ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, quart, gallons, and liters. You'll even be able to adapt Celsius temperatures into Fahrenheit.

The water-resistant magnet can be placed above the stove or on the fridge—anywhere that's easy to access—without the need to worry that it will warp over time. And since it's designed with a large font, it's easy to glance over and gain the information you need.   

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Hundreds of Amazon shoppers love having this hands-free conversion chart at easy reach, with many reviewers saying the cheat sheet saves them so much time in the kitchen. Others note that it's "easy to read and understand" and call it a "must for all cooking and baking use."

"If you are like me, the digital age has hit you hard," one person wrote. "You end up having to use your smartphone to look up nearly everything. But one thing that always twists my whiskers is getting flour and sticky stuff all over my phone while trying to cook in the kitchen. That's where this handy little hands-free item comes in handy. It's a little bigger than my hand and I can slap it anywhere with a metal surface. I put it on the fridge, so it's a few steps from the stove and kitchen island."

"Exactly what I needed!" another shared. "Easy to read, looks nice in the kitchen, and makes converting measurements a breeze. As a baker, this is important and I don't need to Google some of the less common conversions anymore—I can just look at my little magnet."

Whether you're new to baking or simply  tired of looking up measurement conversions online, shop the Talented Kitchen Magnetic Conversion Chart for just $7 on Amazon.