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These Money-Saving Swedish Dishcloths Are Converting Paper Towel Lovers

Plus, they're on sale.
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If, for some reason, you were imagining a commercial for paper towels, we'd bet that you'd see a frazzled person knocking over a glass and trying, foolishly, to sop up the spill with cheap napkins that keep tearing. Then the name-brand (probably quilted) paper towel blows away the competition in a side-by-side cleanup comparison. What these commercials don't acknowledge, however, is all of the money we practically literally throw away by buying single-use towels that go immediately in the trash after the cleaning is done—and the fact that this isn't the most eco-friendly way of maintaining your home.

There's a better way to save money, cut down on paper waste, and handle any number of household chores: the Swedish Wholesale Dishcloths on Amazon. They're reusable, super absorbent cloths made out of sustainable cellulose and cotton, and they're wildly beloved among the thousands of shoppers who own them. The dishcloths are great for washing and drying dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, wiping down counters, and anything else you might grab a paper towel for, since they're safe to use on any surface. But they can be tossed in the wash (or the top of the rack of the dishwasher) and live to see another day of cleaning.

The cloths come in a variety of different colors, and you can choose from packs with each different shade or monochromatic sets of just one color, but either way, you'll get 10. Typically, these sets are $25, but right now you can get them for less on Amazon.

Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths
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Shoppers have given the cloths more than 21,000 five-star ratings, and plenty of reviewers have said that these have replaced their paper towels and old washrags, and that they're saving money thanks to these Swedish wonders. One even loves them so much, they're gifting them to loved ones. 

"These were a COVID quarantine miracle find," they write. "We couldn't find paper towels anywhere this past March, so I bought these. They are marvelous. Absorbent, durable, and fully reusable. Just wash [them] in the washing machine with bleach in hot water and then dry in the dryer or let them air dry, and they're good as new. Now I'll never go back to the volume of paper towels I was using previously. These save money, shopping time, and packaging waste. Great for cleaning and for dealing with spills. Great gifts for friends and family who care about reducing waste, saving money, or limiting shopping trips!"

Snag your own set of the "marvelous" Swedish Wholesale Dishcloths while they're still on sale at Amazon today, and you'll never have to waste money—or trees—on paper towels again.