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This Clever $24 Kitchen Accessory Dries Dishes and Expands Counter Space

Declutter and deep clean all at once. 
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Good news for those with small kitchens or minimal counter space: There's a clever gadget on Amazon that can not only expand your kitchen workspace but also be used as a dish-drying rack. The roll-out rack fits atop most sinks (it comes in two sizes—one 17.5 inches long, the other 20.5 inches) and is an Amazon shopper favorite. 

"It not only holds dishes and lets you rinse fruits and vegetables, it functions as so many other things," explained one five-star reviewer. "I baked a cake and used it for a cooling rack... It will hold tacos while you fill them. It is extra counter space when you run out...This is one product you will be grateful you bought."

It's simple to use: Unroll the accessory over your sink (if yours is split into two, shoppers say the rack fits over one side, and if it's a smaller sink, it'll fit over the entire thing) and use it as needed. You can wash, strain, and drain produce atop it without worrying about any potential damage or slippage thanks to the rust- and slip-resistant slots. Or, place un-prepped foods on top and use it as a meal prep area, or go the more traditional route and place dishes on it to dry. 

Starting at just $24 for the smaller size, the top-rated rack is easy to keep out of sight when not in use thanks to its rollable design When rolled-up, reviewers say it's compact enough to fit into drawers, pantries, and cabinets without taking up much space.  Another plus? The larger 20.5-inch size is on sale for 35 percent, bringing the price down to just $26 now. 

"This is one of the coolest products I've seen in a long time," wrote one shopper. "I am not someone who likes clutter, so having a drying rack in the sink or on the countertop is something that has always bothered me. This drying rack is great. You roll it out across your sink (it is very sturdy and holds many pots, pans and dishes) and then when you are done and not using it you simply roll it up and put it in a drawer and you have an open sink without obstruction and nothing to look at on the countertop."

Also, the rack is wrapped in durable silicone, so it won't scrape your sink or countertop. If only every product out there came with the intelligence of this design. Shop the convenient rack below. 

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