I'm a Messy Cook, but This Mini Bamboo Dish Scrubber Made Me Enjoy Cleaning My Kitchen

An unexpected must-have.

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Bamboo Dish Scrub Brushes by Subekyu
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As a messy cook, I truly dread doing the dishes. Whether it's a stinky shriveled-up sponge, pans filled with baked-on bits, or just the mere visual of dirty dishes sitting in the sink, it's never a pleasant sight to witness the aftermath of my culinary mess. For quite some time, my usual method of defense included a well-worn sponge, some trusty Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray, and a little elbow grease — until I got this mini bamboo dish scrubber. It's completely changed the way I clean in my kitchen, and I'm here to tell you why you need it.

I received this mini scrubber as a gift in an eco-friendly kitchen products mailer about a month ago. At first glance, the Subekyu Bamboo Dish Brush's tiny build was nothing to write home about. But upon closer inspection, I came to appreciate its simple design.

Dish Scrubber
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To buy: Subekyu Bamboo Dish Brush, Set of 3, $14 at amazon.com

This little sink accessory has become my unexpected go-to for tackling kitchen messes large and small — from a quick plate rinse to a thorough pan scrub. It weighs under a pound and features a small circular bamboo handle that fits comfortably in my palm, making it easy to grip as I wash slippery dishes. Paired with soap, its sisal fiber bristles powerfully scrub everything from caked-on food and burnt bits with just a few circular swabs. And the best part? It doesn't scratch up even my most delicate pots and pans.

I haven't even picked up a sponge ever since I got this scrubber, and it's safe to say I don't dread my kitchen clean-ups nearly as much anymore. I've used it to clean my sink, eliminate turmeric from my white countertops, remove tough microwave stains, and even tidy parts of my refrigerator.

I'm not the only fan of the cleaning brushes. Amazon shoppers note that this brush is perfect for cast iron pans, with some saying that it doesn't retain bacteria the way regular sponges do. They also reveal that this scrubber is gentle enough to use on carrots, zucchini, apples, and other vegetables in the sink, which goes to show how truly versatile this kitchen must-have is.You can get a set of three brushes and a cute ceramic dish for it to rest on at Amazon for just $14. Don't wait, I promise that the Subekyu Bamboo Dish Scrub Brush is a game-changing cleaner.

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