Upgrade Your Tailgate with This Stanley Mug That Beer Fans Say Keeps Brews 'Ice-Cold' for Hours

“This mug is a little TOO good.”

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Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein Tout
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

It's hard to think of a more refreshing tailgate beverage than an ice-cold beer. And if you want to avoid a warm, flat brew by gametime, having the right vessel to drink out of is key.

The Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein has a design that makes it the perfect choice for beer thanks to its wide mouth and a heavy handle like the classic glass mug at your favorite bar. But unlike glass, the vacuum insulated walls of the mug are double-sealed, meaning they'll keep your drink cold for up to five hours (and warm for up to one hour if you're sipping coffee or hot cider). And, it's under $30 at Amazon.

Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Stanley Adventure 24-Ounce Big Grip Beer Stein, $25 at amazon.com

As a plus, it's 24 ounces — meaning you can fit two cans of beer in one convenient cup. And you can say goodbye to any sweat, since its insulation prevents moisture buildup on the outside. When you're done, just pop it right into the dishwasher for a hands-free clean.

This mug has 4,900 five-star ratings, with shoppers saying it keeps beer "ice-cold" for hours. "This mug is a little TOO good," one reviewer wrote, adding, "My beers now stay colder for MUCH longer and I get plenty of aroma when I take a drink." Plus, they love that all Stanley mugs come with a lifetime warranty.

"I've come back to an unfinished drink 10 hours later and there's still ice in there," another user that uses it for beer and soda said. A third person noted just how much they appreciate the design, saying they love the feel of the handle and that the wide base of the mug keeps it steady. "The stainless steel is easy to clean and does not make the beer smell or taste any different," they said.

Don't suffer by sipping a warm and flat beer again. For a mug with the most chill, snap up the Stanley Adventure 24-Ounce Big Grip Beer Stein at Amazon now.

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