spring chef ice cream scoop

Ice Cream Lovers, It's Time to Get a Better Scoop 

This Amazon best-seller has 19,000 fans.
By Katie Macdonald
July 03, 2021
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Yes, sneaking a spoonful or two out of the ice cream container is a totally acceptable midnight snack. But to make these blisteringly hot days more bearable, you're going to need a full-sized bowl or cone to cool off. And for a strong and sturdy tool that "slices through rock hard ice cream like it was butter," Amazon shoppers overwhelmingly favor the Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop.

With an average of 4.9 stars across nearly 22,000 ratings, the Spring Chef is Amazon's top-selling ice cream scoop. Designed with thin edges and a comfortable, balanced handle, it effortlessly glides through frozen treats like ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. And unlike spring and lever versions, scoops won't get stuck in this tool's shallower spoon.

Although streamlined, the Spring Chef scoop features a couple of thoughtful details. Its head has small grooves to easily release scoops and a notch on the handle can help jimmy the tightest of container lids open. What's more, users say the solid build lasts for years.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop, $10 at amazon.com

Everyone, from ice cream shop workers to home churners, have something positive to say about the scoop. "It cuts right through hard frozen ice cream like a dream," one reviewer said. "Don't even need to run it under water of any temperature!"

Another added, "I'm 73 and have trouble with arthritis in my hands. This has an easy-to-grip rubber handle and enough weight that I don't need much pressure to use. The curved scoop is perfect for any frozen treat."

The Spring Chef shines while making perfectly rolled scoops of ice cream, but it's also an excellent meal prep tool, too. Some reviewers say they've used it to remove seeds from squash and melons, or to hollow out peppers for stuffing. And many home bakers say it's a handy cookie dough scoop. 

Perhaps best of all, the ice cream accessory costs just $10—a price owners call "a great deal." Hurry and add it to your cart so you can cool off ASAP.