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You checked the recipe three times, set a timer accordingly, and made sure the cooking temperature was exactly as high as it was supposed to be, and yet, dinner was ruined. If you've ever spent the evening chewing through a leathery piece of meat or some extremely parched chicken, you're not alone—we've all been there before. No matter the cooking method (grilling, frying, baking, searing, etc.), the risk of overdoing it is real and can be hard to avoid, especially with things like chicken that you'd almost rather over- than undercook.

The only truly foolproof way to cook anything with enough precision to know exactly what to expect when you cut into it is to use a sous vide cooker. There just so happens to be a sous vide kit marked down 20% for Prime Day, and Food & Wine readers can take an additional 10% off the discount for a total of 30% savings by using the exclusive code 10PRIMESVA at checkout.

Sous Vide Cooker Kit ALL-IN-ONE
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To buy: Sousvide Art Sous Vide Cooker Kit, $77 (originally $106)

Sous vide cookers work by vacuum-sealing food inside a bag that's then submerged into heated water and cooked. The Sousvide Art Sous Vide Cooker Kit makes this super easy to do because it comes with everything you need to cook chicken, steaks, eggs, vegetables and more to just the right temperature. The kit includes 30 vacuum-seal sous vide bags, a pump, bag clips and clamps, and a sous vide cookbook to help inspire your first water-cooked meal.

If this all feels too new and intimidating, know that this sous vide cooker has more than 500 five-star ratings, and that many of them were left by first-timers who found the Sousvide Art kit easy to use. Several shoppers even said that it helped them cook everything—including pricey steaks—to perfection.

"Holy cow!" a particularly enthusiastic shopper writes. "Have you ever had a steak you can cut with a spoon, and like butter? This machine makes steak perfect every time! I have ruined the experience of having a steak in a restaurant now, unless they use a sous vide machine too. Soooo worth the money, and USE it!! You will not regret it!"

Wow yourself with the ease and amazing results of your own home cooking and grab the Sousvide Art Sous Vide Cooker Kit while it's on sale for Prime Day. And don't forget to enter the code 10PRIMESVA at checkout for an additional 10% off.

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