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Home Cooks Can Have It All with This Lid That Transforms Any Instant Pot into an Air Fryer

“It saves me from having to get another counter space-consuming air fryer.”
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These days, there are so many hulking kitchen appliances that sit on your counter, whether it's a multicooker or powerful blender. Even the largest kitchens can feel cramped with these appliances sitting out all the time. Rather than buy yet another air fryer or a bread machine, there's an easy way to make one appliance into two (and save plenty of space in the kitchen while you're at it), thanks to this handy gadget. 

Anyone who already owns a pressure cooker or Instant Pot can effortlessly transform their device into an air fryer with the Sousvide Art Air Fryer Crunch Lid. Instead of sliding in the pressure cooker lid, replace it with the Crunch Lid that attaches to both a 6- and 8-quart pressure cooker, or any metal pots with a diameter between 22 and 24 centimeters. With the air fryer lid, you'll be able to prepare the crispiest French fries, chicken wings, and bacon—without having to rely on copious amounts of oil. 

The air fryer lid allows you to complete the same functions as a traditional air fryer, including air frying, broiling, and baking your favorite recipes, thanks to the 360-degree hot air circulation. Each set includes an assortment of accessories, including an air fryer basket, a steam rack, silicone mat, and kitchen tongs. And when you're all done cooking, simply wipe down the lid for an easy clean up.  

To buy: Sousvide Art Air Fryer Crunch Lid, $75 (originally $84) at

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have grown fond of the Crunch Lid, with many noting they love how they're able to save space in the kitchen and still air fry some of their favorite foods. Shoppers call it a "game-changer" and "great for a quick fried snack." Other reviewers declare that "if you have the Instant Pot, you need the Crunch Lid." 

"The Crunch Lid is an Instant Pot must," one five-star reviewer says. "When I bought my Instant Pot, it was between that and an air fryer. I chose the Instant Pot. After using my Instant Pot, I always felt remorse not purchasing the air fryer. Now with the Crunch Lid, I have both. I have made fried chicken and vegetables with the Crunch Lid and it all came out crisp and crunchy. Cleaning is easy, as you just wipe the lid down." 

"I don't know how I lived without this lid," another shopper shares. "I have been on the fence about getting an air fryer, and now the Crunch Lid is the perfect answer. It saves me from having to get another counter space-consuming air fryer. It's so easy to use that my 10-year-old and 13-year-old use it on a regular basis."

Normally retailing for $84, the air fryer lid has been slashed to just $75—a steal considering a brand new air fryer can easily run you a few hundred dollars. Act quickly and shop the Sousvide Art Air Fryer Crunch Lid for $75 on Amazon while that price lasts.