This Carbon Steel Roasting Pan Is Perfect for Small Holiday Gatherings

Smithey Ironware has done it again.
By Megan Soll
October 03, 2020
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Though the holidays will look a little different this year for many families, that doesn’t mean celebratory meals don’t deserve the same festive treatment as the bigger gatherings we’re used to. How do you make a small dinner feel a little more special without whipping out the fine china and fancy steak knives? A cooking and serving tool that exceeds expectations in all categories.

Smithey’s new carbon steel roaster is the perfect combination of manageable size and functionality. Lighter than your typical cast iron skillet and shallower than an oversized Dutch oven, it’s perfect for roasting a chicken on a bed of vegetables, baking large-format sides, or making a small roast. The large, sturdy handles and oval shape make it slim enough that it’s perfect for oven-to-table (on a trivet, of course). 

Left: Credit: Smithey Ironware

Carbon Steel Oval Roaster, $275 at

With all its rustic yet elegant looks, the fact is that the pan is just as worthy of being a weekend (or even weeknight) warrior as it is for use on special occasions. Easy to clean and pre-seasoned, it’s ready to be a workhorse in your cooking arsenal. I’ve used mine for everything from frying eggs in the mornings to baking enchiladas on Friday nights. Ideal for recipes that do it all in one pan, this cookware makes cleanup simple.

Smithey’s carbon steel tools are hand-forged in limited quantities in Charleston by a renowned blacksmith, so if you’re considering the pan as a gift or for your fall cooking projects, now is the time to scoop one up. Pair it up with the Farmhouse Skillet, or go all out with the Dutch oven for the ultimate treat for a home cook.

Credit: Smithey Ironware

Carbon Steel Oval Roaster, $275 at