I Pack a Salad for Lunch Every Day, and I Swear by This Nifty Container That Separates Toppings and Dressing

It’s on sale for only $12 right now.

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Shopwithgreen 52 OZ to Go Salad Container Lunch Container 3-Compartment for Salad Toppings and Snacks
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Gone are the days where salads are a basic lunch choice. The options for bases, toppings, and dressings yield for a texture and flavor bomb that's unmatched, and working from home I looked forward to my moment of textural bliss during my break. But when I started going back into the office, I wondered how I could pack my salads in a way that kept them just as fresh and satisfying as they were at home. Well, folks, the Shopwithgreen 52-Ounce To-Go Salad Container has made that dream into a delicious reality.

There are a few different reasons why I love this container. First, it comes in seven different colors like pink, blue, turquoise, and army green (which is what I have). It's also a great size at 52 ounces, though you could snap up the larger 68-ounce size if that's what you prefer. The container comes with five different pieces: a large bottom bowl, a tray with three compartments, a dressing container which fits right into the tray, a salad fork, and a lid. And, it's on sale for only $12 right now.

Shopwithgreen 52 OZ to Go Salad Container Lunch Container 3-Compartment for Salad Toppings and Snacks
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Shopwithgreen 52-Ounce To-Go Salad Container, $12 (originally $17) at amazon.com

I typically place my lettuce in the bottom bowl, then I add my toppings into the three sections in the top tray, which stacks perfectly above the bowl. Because of the container's compact design, I've found I can fit a lot more lettuce inside without the top compartment crushing it. And, since there are two small compartments and one large in the top tray, I can divvy up the toppings based on what needs more room or what needs to stay separate from the rest (like fresh tomato, since it's got a lot of moisture).

I actually prefer to use the dressing container to add in anything that needs to stay crunchy or something that's more delicate, like walnuts or feta cheese. If I do use it for a dressing, however, I try to be a bit more gentle with handling since I've found that the dressing lid isn't airtight.

The top lid has four closures that snap onto the container, so it's secure and leak-proof, too. Plus it's microwave and dishwasher safe, so reheating a warm bowl or cleaning up post-lunch is a breeze. Customers on Amazon love it, too, calling it a must-have for the office. One shopper wrote that it holds everything you'd need for a satisfying salad and confirmed that it's both "cute and very convenient."

Avoid sacrificing the luxury of a homemade salad by grabbing the Shopwithgreen 52-Ounce To-Go Salad Container while it's just $12 on Amazon.

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