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Get the Catch of the Day Sent Right to Your Doorstep With These Sustainable Seafood Delivery Services

Sizzlefish is our pick for the best seafood delivery service.
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Unless you live near a fishing town on the coast, getting access to flavorful, sustainably sourced seafood is likely a huge challenge. However, fisheries and online seafood companies are making it much easier to enjoy fresh, flavorful seafood by shipping monthly catches right to your doorstep. Cook up your favorite seafood dish with wild-caught salmon from Alaska, omega-rich trout, and even specialty products like squid whenever you want thanks to easy online ordering and speedy delivery.  

The fish you might be tempted to buy from the grocery store has likely been out of the water for weeks, but these seafood delivery companies catch, freeze, and deliver your order within a matter of days. This allows the fish to retain all of its natural flavor, meaning your favorite seafood recipes will turn out even more delectable than ever. And while many large-scale fisheries use artificial preservatives, exploitative sourcing methods, and practices that damage important ecosystems in our oceans, all the companies in this story are committed to seafood sustainability. Every product is wild caught or sustainably farmed, free from artificial ingredients, and protects the earth's long-term seafood supply. Whether you're craving grilled shellfish, slow-roasted salmon, or a formal lobster dinner, keep reading to find the best delivery services who make it even easier to enjoy your favorite seafood dishes.

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Sizzlefish

Best Overall Seafood Delivery: Sizzlefish

Unlike most frozen seafood, whose freezing and distribution process can take several days, all of Sizzlefish's fish are flash-frozen within a few hours of being caught. This allows the seafood that arrives on your doorstep to retain its full flavor, tasting just as good as you might expect from seafood fresh off the boat. Sizzlefish's extensive menu offers a huge selection of ethically sourced seafood, including salmon, halibut, shrimp, lobster, and more. All of the products are free from artificial ingredients, and a majority of the fish are caught in the wild (though some are raised in environmentally friendly farms or hatcheries). Sign up for a Sizzlefish Prime or Prime Plus box and choose your own items from the menu, or try the Wild Seafood Favorites box, which sends you a curation of wild-caught or hatchery raised seafood and shellfish every month. Food & Wine readers can also receive an exclusive discount at checkout by using the code FW10 for 10% off their first purchase. 

To buy: Sizzlefish subscription, from $120 per box at sizzlefish.com

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Alaskan Salmon

Best for Fresh Salmon: Alaskan Salmon Company

As one of the most popular types of seafood, salmon can be found in abundance at most grocery stores and online retailers, but the quality and flavor can vary drastically. Instead, receive sushi-grade salmon used by Michelin-star restaurants with a subscription to Alaskan Salmon Company. With two subscription boxes to choose from, Alaskan Salmon Company is trusted by some of the most famous seafood restaurants in the country, including Nobu, Sushi Ogawa, and others. All the fish in your order are wild-caught, cut by hand, then flash-frozen and shipped to your address, so everything you receive is bursting with flavor. Choose between the Copper River Salmon box, featuring cuts of sockeye and coho salmon, or the Chef's Selection box, which includes salmon, halibut, black cod, and rockfish. You can also select your delivery frequency, so you only receive new orders of seafood when you need it. 

To buy: Alaska Salmon Company subscription, from $189 per box at aksalmonco.com

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Good Chop

Best for Small Orders: Sea to Table

This family owned seafood business eliminates the guesswork behind knowing where the fish you purchased was caught and how long it's been out of water by using special tracking software. Each package includes a traceability label with information on where the seafood was caught, the catching method, and the best-by date, making it easy to ensure your order is fresh, ethically sourced, and delicious. In addition to full-size seafood boxes like the Salmon Lover's Box and the Sushi-Maki Box, Sea to Table also offers two-serving packs that you can purchase and have delivered on a recurring basis. You can alter your shipping date, update delivery frequency, and switch items in your order anytime, so there's always an opportunity to try something new.  

To buy: Sea to Table seafood, from $13 for two servings at sea2table.com 

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of PureFish

Best Wild-Caught Seafood: PureFish

Enjoy salmon caught in the Arctic Circle, scallops from the North Atlantic Ocean, and shrimp from the Pacific Coast of Mexico with sustainably harvested seafood from PureFish. All of the seafood in every PureFish order is caught in the wild or raised using environmentally friendly fishing practices, which ensures that fish populations don't get depleted and the ecosystems they live in remain balanced. PureFish's high-quality seafood cuts arrive in portioned, oven-safe trays so you can season your fish and pop it into the oven for a quick, delicious dinner. Sign up for one of five boxes, including the Omega Box, Rainbow Box, Custom Box, or the Grill Box for eight trays of seafood, or try the Petite Box to save space in your freezer. 

To buy: PureFish subscription, from $107 per box at purefish.com

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Fulton Fish Market

Best for Shellfish: Fulton Fish Market

One of the oldest fish markets in the United States, Fulton Fish Market is a New York City-based seafood hub made up of family-owned fish wholesalers who catch and sell sustainable seafood to customers. You don't have to live in Manhattan to reap the benefits, though; Fulton Fish Market's website offers tons of seafood to order, including a huge selection of shellfish and several subscription packages that deliver the best catches of the day. Have the seafood experts at Fulton Fish Market curate a box for you with popular items, or select exactly what you want in your order with a custom seafood box. There are several options to choose from, including the Seafood Party Box, the Salmon, Shrimp, and Scallops Box, and even a Journey to Japan Box filled with fish for sushi and poke lovers. You can choose how often you want your boxes delivered (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and cancel whenever you want. Plus, shipping is always free. 

To buy: Fulton Fish Market subscription, from $65 per box at thefishdrop.com

Oshen salmon
Credit: Courtesy of Oshen

Best for Seafood Recipes: Oshen

Enjoy sustainably raised salmon from cold-water fjords in Southern Chile with a subscription to Oshen. This seafood company runs on renewable energy and works closely with its fishermen to ensure the salmon in every box is packed with protein and Omega-3s. Instead of freezing the fish after catching, Oshen puts them in temperature-controlled coolers and ships them directly to you. Because of this, the fish you receive is guaranteed to be at least seven days fresher than your local seafood retailer. Choose between Oshen's four boxes: the One Night Stand, which comes with eight ounces of Atlantic Salmon; the Entertainer box, which includes two 2.5-pound salmon filets; or the Oshen's Twelve box, which includes 12 six-ounce portions that are perfect for entertaining (or restocking the freezer). You can also browse the Oshen website to find delectable seafood recipes, such as salmon cakes, salmon ceviche, and more. 

To buy: Oshen subscription, from $68 per week at oshensalmon.com

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Lobster Anywhere

Best for Lobster: LobsterAnywhere

Even if you don't live along the coast, you can still enjoy fresh, restaurant-quality lobster thanks to LobsterAnywhere. The locally caught seafood from this New England-based fishing wholesaler is taken fresh off Maine fishing boats, hand-selected by a team of seafood experts, and delivered to you within a matter of days. Purchase live lobster, frozen lobster meat, fresh shrimp, sea scallops, or specialty seafood with just a few clicks, and sign up for rewards to earn discounts on future orders. You can also try LobsterAnywhere's chowders, bisques, and surf and turf dinners to make your meal complete. 

To buy: Lobster Dinner, from $119 at lobsteranywhere.com

seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Crowd Cow

Best for Meal Prepping: Crowd Cow

For quick and easy seafood meals, Crowd Cow minimizes the effort it takes to get dinner on the table by providing flavorful fish from best-in-class producers in one convenient package. This meat and seafood delivery company has several subscription boxes geared toward simple dinners, including protein and veggie bundles, fully-prepped seafood, and family-size packs that cut down on your time in the kitchen. Sign up for a seafood-only subscription, which includes lobster tails, salmon, trout, sea scallops, and shrimp, or create a custom box and fill it with any combination of meat and fish from Crowd Cow's menu. In addition to sourcing seafood from sustainable, fair trade fishers, all of Crowd Cow's packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable, minimizing your order's impact on the environment. 

To buy: Best of Seafood box, from $87 per box at crowdcow.com

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seafood delivery
Credit: Courtesy of Good Chop

Best for Meat and Seafood: Good Chop

Enjoy flavorful cuts of seafood, chicken, pork, and beef in one convenient location with Good Chop. This online butcher shop offers responsibly raised and sourced meat and seafood that's free of artificial ingredients, added hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. All of Good Chop's seafood comes from fisheries that have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, which works to restore wild fish populations and minimize harm to local ecosystems. Create your own fully customizable subscription box by choosing your favorite proteins from options  like salmon, rockfish, cod, beef, pork, and chicken. Plus, shipping is always free. 

To buy: Good Chop subscription, from $149 per box at goodchop.com