You'll Be Surprised By How Well These $10 Cleaning Pods Clear Out Your Keurig

“It got so much out I’m starting to worry about what I’d been ingesting all this time.”

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What makes Keurigs useful is also what makes them difficult to clean—and you definitely need to clean them. You could spend your time trying to cram your hands into the machine's small spaces, or you could spend your money buying brushes to scrub the nooks and crannies. Or you could save yourself tons of trouble with Quick & Clean Keurig Cleaning Cups.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have discovered that Quick & Clean's pods are basically the quickest way to get a clean Keurig. Simply insert them into your machine (just like you would with a coffee pod), run one large cycle, then remove the pod and run another large cycle with just water. One pod will remove residue buildup, improve the taste of your coffee, and keep your Keurig clean for up to three months, according to the brand. And since cleaning the machine frequently helps lengthen its lifespan, you're saving money in the long run, too.

6-Pack of Cleaning Cups for Keurig K-Cup Machines
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To buy: Quick & Clean Keurig Cleaning Cups, $10 at

Perhaps the best part is that a pack of six Quick & Clean cups (a.k.a. 18 months' worth of cleaning power) will cost you just $10 on Amazon. And as their 14,000 five-star ratings attest, the pods might just be your best kitchen purchase yet.

"You know when you stare at your Keurig machine and you haven't cleaned it for a while and you know it's probably harboring killer fungus and bacteria?" one reviewer wrote, before adding, "Suddenly you buy and use one of these and bam, all the dirty grime comes out; two grimey runs and it's good as new and running clear. I'd use it every month or so from now on. Be safe, not sorry."

Reviews attest to the cleaning cups' ease of use and effectiveness, especially when compared with traditional cleaning materials and methods. After previously disinfecting their Keurig with vinegar, a reviewer found that Quick & Clean cups clean "so much better" and even result in better-tasting coffee afterwards.

In fact, many shoppers thought their Keurigs were on the fritz until they ran Quick & Clean pod cycles, which saved them from buying a new one. "I had thrown away my current Keurig machine thinking it was broken," a shopper said. "I decided to try to resurrect it using these cleaners and I am glad I did! One cup took care of years of neglect on my part (lesson learned). Because there was so much cleaning needed, I used 2 cups, and now the machine works perfectly."

Fair warning: Unexpected amounts of gunk may work its way through your coffee maker. "I didn't realize I was ever supposed to clean my Keurig. Needless to say, when I used this it really got a lot of gunk out," wrote a customer. "In fact it got so much out I'm starting to worry about what I'd been ingesting all this time. My personal panic aside, this stuff works and is super easy to use. Just please don't wait two years to use it. Or, if you do, maybe seek counseling afterwards!"

Give your Keurig some much-needed TLC with the help of Quick & Clean Keurig Cleaning Cups, just $10 on Amazon.

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