My Mom Swears By This Bestselling Oil Sprayer For Hassle-Free Grilling, And You Can Snag it at a Double Discount

Say goodbye to sticky grill grates.

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Oil Sprayer for Cooking
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Growing up in a household with a mother who is a serious at-home cook, I've been fortunate to have delicious food and vetted kitchen product recommendations at my disposal. Once my mom finds a product she likes, she uses it for years, and I can tell you firsthand that her product picks hardly ever disappoint. I've already raved about her favorite grilling essential for a mess-free grill — the trusted yoshi mat. And today, I'm coming to you with another great grilling recommendation, this unassuming $11 oil sprayer that she swears by for juicy barbecue chicken thighs.

The Puzmug Oil Sprayer is a multipurpose kitchen tool that is great for topping off everything from roasted vegetables and omelets to grilled steak. The sprayer currently sits in the number one spot on Amazon's bestseller list for food dispensers, with its thoughtful design that was built for the kitchen. The glass body is see-through for refills, and the anti-slip bottom means you don't have to worry about it sliding off the grill or side table. The stainless steel nozzle keeps dust out, and a large ridged button on the top makes it an easy grab for a quick coat of oil on your pan. You can fill it with pretty much any cooking liquid you commonly use: olive oil, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar, or whatever your preference. It's an easy way to add a touch of liquid without overpouring or wasting ingredients. has a handy funnel to refill the bottle easily once it's empty, and a hose to prevent clogging.

It weighs less than half a pound and has a 105-milliliter capacity, making it portable and easy to toss in your bag when you're heading to a picnic or friend's house for a barbecue. Not to mention, it looks far more attractive on your countertop than a standard oil spray.

Oil Sprayer for Cooking

To buy: Puzmug Oil Sprayer, $11 (originally $16) at

My mom swears by this oil sprayer to keep vegetables, whole-roasted fish, and char-kissed barbecue chicken thighs moist over the grill, while also preventing items from burning or sticking to the grates. She says the beauty of this little tool is that you "can mist on an open-flame grill or barbecue since it's not aerosol," without worrying about a flame flare-up. The nozzle helps limit the amount of oil you spray, so you won't overpour or oversaturate your proteins as they cook, which result in the perfect sear. But it doesn't stop there — she also uses it indoors to grease sheet pans, top off salads, cook eggs in the morning, and ensure vegetables in the oven get extra crispy.

Don't just take her word for it. shoppers on Amazon also give this gadget over 8,300 five-star ratings. They say it "sprays fine mist like a crystal" and use it to cook everything from chicken wings to steak. Shoppers also note it sprays the perfect amount, and that they even prefer it over store-bought canned oil sprays.

Best of all, cleaning this product requires little to no effort. All you have to do is add warm water, tighten the lid, shake it a few times, and dump out the water — and then it's ready to be used again. Right now, this little item is only $11 on Amazon, with an additional 5% coupon applied at checkout. So if you're looking for a great kitchen gadget to help prevent any overpouring of oils, or keep your pans and grills mess-free, this is the perfect product. Take a word of advice from me and my mom — you won't regret buying the Puzmug Oil Sprayer.

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