Is This Clever $20 Container the Secret to Keeping Bread from Getting Stale?

Amazon shoppers seem to think so.

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Prepworks by Progressive Bread ProKeeper
Photo: Amazon

Soda bread, French bread, challa, pumpernickel, sourdough—humanity has thought of hundreds of ways to bake (and eat) bread. But no matter what loaf you love, it's best served fresh.

The simplest reason bread goes bad is because of moisture. A damp environment causes mold, and evaporation causes a chemical reaction that makes bread go stale. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have found Prepworks by Progressive's Bread ProKeeper, a clever container that some users claim keeps loaves fresh and mold-free for weeks.

While most storage containers lock out oxygen to extend food's shelf life, the Bread ProKeeper is not airtight. Instead, its magnetically closed lid has a vent that adjusts to both interior and exterior conditions—open for fresh bakes and humid climates, and closed for older loaves and arid environments.

Prepworks by Progressive Bread ProKeeper
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Prepworks by Progressive Bread ProKeeper, $20 at

Users say the air circulation prevents bread from molding and going stale, with one writing it "kept the bread as fresh as when I bought it three weeks before." Even homemade loaves, which typically lack the preservatives used in store-bought bread, last for longer. A reviewer who said their home-baked whole wheat loaves were "lighter and stay fresh all week" after they got the Bread ProKeeper, as opposed to turning into "bricks when stored in the refrigerator."

Speaking of from-scratch bread, the container has another smart feature for home bakers. It is made of two separate BPA-free plastic pieces that expand to fit a wide variety of loaf sizes and collapse as you work your way through them. The Bread ProKeeper is 7 inches wide and 7 inches high, roomy enough for bulky bread machine loaves, and measures 11 inches long when fully extended and 7 inches long when compressed.

The Bread ProKeeper only costs $20, which feels like a reasonable investment for weeks' worth of fresh food. Save your bread and add the smart storage solution to your Amazon cart now.

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