Surf and Turf Bundle

This Incredible Surf and Turf Meal Kit Might Convince Me to Love Valentine's Day

Make date night sizzle.
By Katie Macdonald
February 04, 2021
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I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. And it's not that I'm against celebrating love or made-up holidays (most holidays are made up, right?), but because my birthday is February 13th. Every year, it's a cutthroat battle against thousands of loving couples to secure space at my favorite restaurant for a birthday dinner or at a bar for a get-together with friends.

Of course, the pandemic has changed everything. Even if you're comfortable with dining out, it's still a challenge to make reservations as restaurants accommodate social distancing and government restrictions. In New York City, where I live, businesses are allowed to reopen indoor dining on February 14, but at just 25% capacity.  

That's why I'm planning my Valentine's Birthday at home. And to really make the meal feel special, I'm treating myself to this limited-edition Surf and Turf kit from Porter Road

Surf and Turf Bundle
Credit: Courtesy of Porter Road

To buy: Porter Road x Luke's Lobster Surf and Turf Bundle, $75 at

Known for its high-caliber cuts, Porter Road has been one of my favorite places to order meat online. The brand was founded in 2010 by former restaurant chefs and is distinguished by its fastidious attention to every step of the butchering process. From physically visiting farms to check up on animals' feed and care to hand-cutting meat in its Kentucky facility, Porter Road's team makes sure customers get the best quality meats. And just like your local butcher, you'll receive cuts fresh, not frozen (with the exception of ground beef, sausages, and larger roasts).

For this exclusive collaboration, Porter Road teamed up with Luke's Lobster, another brand famous for its focus on fresh, ethically sourced offerings. The kit includes two-dry aged filet mignon cuts, which are packed with flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tender, as well as two lobster tails that were sustainably harvested from the coast of Maine. 

The luxe duo is sure to make your date night sizzle, but still offers the flexibility to customize a romantic menu for your loved one. Try pairing with a red and pink roasted beet and grapefruit salad, a side of tender haricot vents, or decadent truffle-infused pasta. And definitely don't skip out on a sweet treat to end the meal.

The Surf and Turf kit is a small splurge at $75, but I think the experience of a memorable dinner after months of quarantine cooking feels worth it. And because all shipments will arrive by February 13th, I can choose if I want it for my birthday meal or as a celebration of self-love. 

But if you're interested in trying it out, too, you'll need to hustle-February 10 is the last day to shop for Valentine's Day delivery. Head here to order yours now.