Silicone Tip Tongs Are Gentle on Nonstick Cookware but Tough Enough to Handle Hot Grills—and These Have 11,800 Perfect Ratings

Get them for under $5 apiece.

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The Original Popco Tongs for Cooking
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A good pair of tongs is essential for grilling, and the best cookout-friendly ones are comfortable to use and heat-resistant. It also helps if they're designed with long handles, so you can flip burgers and veggies without getting too close to the flames. But buying outdoor-only utensils can be expensive and inefficient: Most home cooks don't have enough storage space for two sets of cooking tools.

The solution is to invest in a set of quality tongs that you can use all year long, both indoors and out. This three-piece set fits the bill and has a few added-value qualities, too. Plus, they're on sale for less than $5 apiece at Amazon.

The Original Popco Tongs for Cooking Set of 3
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: The Original Popco Tongs, Set of 3, $14 (originally $30) at

The tongs, from popular kitchen brand Popco, come in three different sizes: 7, 9, and 12 inches. They're perfect for grilling thanks to their heat-resistant silicone tips, which can withstand temps of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. But what sets them apart from other heat-resistant tongs are their grippy silicone handles, which are cool to the touch when cooking. The silicone is also strongly adhered to the stainless steel, so it won't pop off while you're grilling or cooking.

Of course, if you ever cook with enameled cast iron or nonstick pans, you'll know that silicone tongs come in handy long after grilling season is done. Metal will scratch both of these surfaces, so it's no surprise over two dozen reviewers praise these tongs for their usefulness on nonstick cookware. (Several others also noted the scalloped edges are especially efficient at picking up and turning bacon, in case you need any more incentive.)

Storing Popco's tongs is headache-free, because they lock closed and stay shut — no more springing open in the utensil drawer. "What a wonderful way of getting rid of one of life's small stressors!" said one of the tongs' 2,300 five-star reviewers. (The set has over 11,800 perfect ratings, overall). For easy access, they may also be hung from a generously sized hook that doubles as the locking mechanism.

Unconvinced you'll need three different sets of tongs? As plenty of customers have found, the variety of sizes is a huge help. One reviewer noted that they regularly use all of them in one evening: "One to cook the meat, one to serve the meat, [and] one to serve salad/vegetables."

These tongs are a smart buy, but they're not all business, thanks to the bright silicone grips. You can choose from three different color options: black, red, or multicolor. They're currently on sale for $14 (that's for all three sizes!). And thanks to Amazon's speedy shipping, if you order today you can get them in time for your July 4th cookout.

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