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Amazon Shoppers Call This the 'Best Pan for Eggs'—and It's Under $30

Say goodbye to stickage.
By Amy Schulman
February 05, 2021
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While many home cooks tend to prefer working with stainless steel cookware, there's certainly a time and place to reach for a handy ceramic or nonstick skillet. A nonstick pan is invaluable for scrambling eggs, frying bacon, and searing filets of delicate fish, with no fear that anything will latch onto the pan and never come off. 

So if you happen to be in the market for your own trusty nonstick skillet, consider the Ozeri 12-inch stone earth frying pan on Amazon, which is nearly 50% off. Listed as Amazon's Choice for stick-free skillets, the German-made, eco-friendly pan is devoid of chemicals—a relief since many have been traditionally coated with materials that we now know are dangerous to cook with—and features a scratch-resistant glaze that not only fights against unsightly stains but is also easy to clean. 

The interior of the pan has been constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum, complete with a magnetized base that is conducive to induction stoves. Plus, the heat-resistant silicone handle is comfortable to hold and is reinforced to the pan with three solid rivets, so there's no need to worry that it'll break off.

Ozeri frying pan
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Ozeri 12-Inch Stone Earth Frying Pan, $28 with coupon (originally $55) at amazon.com

Amazon shoppers can't get enough of this popular pan—so much so, it's garnered nearly 15,000 five-star ratings. Satisfied customers have called it the "best egg pan ever," noting its "outstanding quality and performance" and "nonstick coating properties have held up very well." The pan normally retails for $55, but it's currently been slashed to just $28. 

"I have probably owned over a dozen frying pans in my life and this is the best yet," one shopper writes. "It shows no sign of wear and is just as slick and slippery as new. It is used daily, sometimes multiple times, frying onions, eggs, meat, and other problem foods."

"This is the most amazing pan ever," another reviewer shares. "Making omelets and scrambled eggs is a breeze, and cleanup takes no time at all. Reducing for sauce and glazes [is] no problem, and the remnants wipe out. [I] wish I could have found this pan years ago—[it] performs better than my expensive stainless steel."

Whether you're slowly scrambling eggs or flipping pancakes, this pan can do it all without leaving a trace behind. Shop the Ozeri 12-inch nonstick skillet for just $28 on Amazon.