oxo cherry pitter
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Cooking Professionals Love Oxo's $13 Cherry Pitter That Easily Pops Out the Pit

People have even pitted three pounds of cherries in “less than 2 minutes.”
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Cherry-picking season is upon us, which calls for pies, turnovers, and cobblers galore — all filled with the tart red fruit that's synonymous with summer. The only caveat is removing those pesky pits. You might have tried the chopstick method or the paperclip twist, but both can leave a mess behind. 

For all your pitting needs, take the Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter for a spin instead. It "pops" out the pit in a single push, all while leaving the cherry intact. Is it the perfect tool? Well, more than 8,000 Amazon shoppers seem to think so. And the "darn impressive" pitter is just $13. 

To buy: Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter, $13 at amazon.com

According to reviewers who love it, the Oxo cherry pitter is designed like a hole punch, making it extremely easy to use. Simply insert the cherry into the holder and push down; the metal bar presses the pit out seamlessly while leaving the fruit intact. One reviewer even says they've pitted three pounds of cherries in "less than 2 minutes." 

The holder itself is large enough to accommodate all cherry sizes, including large Bing cherries, Brazilian cherries, and Orondo Ruby cherries. If you're planning to de-pit smaller varieties (or even olives!), the pitter also has a recessed cup to secure those as well. 

Reviewers also note that the handle is extremely comfortable to use, which is ideal for those with joint pain or arthritis. You can thank the ergonomic handle that absorbs the pressure as you squeeze the pits out. 

The most genius aspect? Its splatter shield prevents cherry juice from spraying out on impact. If you've de-pitted cherries before, you know that it has a way of getting everywhere and staining your clothes, cutting boards, and even your skin. This pitter solves all those problems. 

"I'm a retired chef who teaches culinary arts to high school level students at a Technical Skills Center," writes one Amazon shopper. "Second, I have a wife who has severe rheumatoid arthritis. I bought this primarily for her but know if/when needed, I'm taking this to work because it is so comfortable to use."

"This thing is AWESOME! It's high quality and sturdy, and will not break easily! It doesn't tear the cherry apart, either," writes another. "It only punches out a trap door in the bottom of the cherry, pushing the pit out, but not wasting a big piece of the fruit. The juice doesn't splash everywhere, either. I wish I would've bought one of these years ago." 

To get the "most perfect" pitted cherries around, look no further than the Oxo cherry pitter that works "like a champ" for only $13.