OXO Good Grips Soft- Handled Garlic Press

Garlic Lovers, Meet the Easy-to-Clean Press That 18,000 Shoppers Can't Go Without

“It takes seconds to get this bad boy cleaned up.”
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Whether you're the type of person who adds four garlic cloves for every one that's called for in a recipe or someone who finds a way to sneak it into nearly every savory dish, every garlic fan can agree that there are two major pitfalls of adoring the allium: the residual smell on your fingers and the cleanup. To prevent both from happening, you need a good quality garlic press. Fortunately, there's one on Amazon that shoppers keep turning to, promising you won't spend hours scrubbing your fingers or the grooves of the tool.

Oxo's Soft-Handled Garlic Press has been granted close to 19,000 perfect ratings from home chefs and garlic fanatics alike. Its roomy compartment can house around three cloves and crushes them with ease, and two rubberized handles make it comfy to grip and squeeze. But aside from its mastery of mashing, it's engineered to make washing a breeze, too. 

OXO Good Grips Soft- Handled Garlic Press
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Oxo Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press, $18 at amazon.com

Arguably the biggest pain point of a garlic press is the tedious and frustrating task of getting every last bit of a mashed clove out of its divots. Oxo's well-designed tool can fold back in the opposite direction, allowing its red cleaning press to push out any stubborn pieces. "It takes seconds to get this bad boy cleaned up," described one person.

The sides are also capable of keeping the goods secured in the chamber, preventing any garlic from backfiring and leaving "no weird corners for the garlic skins to get stuck." Reviewers compared all of these traits to other presses from brands like Zylu, Pampered Chef, and Ikea, and stated that Oxo's version comes out on top every time.

The kitchen staple is built to last, too, as one reviewer commented, "I've now had this item for nearly four years and I can tell you that it's just as good as I [when] got it on day one." They weren't the only ones impressed with the longevity. Another person who purchased the tool mentioned that their previous Oxo press lasted them 20 years.

Outside of its intended purpose, buyers have used the innovative must-have for grinding up ginger, shallots, and turmeric root. But that being said, garlic crushing is certainly what it's made for and even led one shopper to buy three for each one of their cooking spaces.

"I use this press several times a day, as I eat garlic like a vegetable, and I smile each time I use it because it is fun to press garlic and rinse with such an easy clean-up," explained a shopper

If you're also fond of scarfing down as much garlic as you can, you need a press that won't cause you pain while mashing or cleaning. Grab one of these best-selling gadgets now for $18.