From oven gloves to silicone pinch mitts.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated September 02, 2020
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Pit Mitt, The "Ove" Glove, and Food52 Oven Mitts
Credit: Williams Sonoma / Target / Food52

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ve probably earned your fair share of burns. A splash of hot oil on your wrist, brushing your arm against the oven door as you reach in to grab your food, accidentally grabbing a pan when it hasn’t quite cooled off. (The latter recently happened to me after making macaroni and cheese, and I have an angry red mark on my finger to prove it.) Having the right protective gear can help minimize them, and that’s where these oven mitts come in. 

Some cooks like using pot holders, while others reach for kitchen towels or even trivets to grab hot dishes. But if you’re on Team Oven Mitt, we’ve gathered a list of eight options below that feature both mitts and gloves, with a few picks included from our editors.

Where to Buy Oven Mitts

You can find oven mitts at plenty of different retailers, including Williams-Sonoma, Food52, Amazon, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and more. Use filters such as material, rating, color, length, and price to find the best fit for your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Oven Mitts

The primary purpose of oven mitts is protecting your hands when you handle hot objects in the kitchen, so pay attention to the material(s) they’re made of and their heat-resistance level, if noted. Some of the mitts in this roundup are resistant to temperatures in the 400° Fahrenheit range, while others are even heat-resistant to temperatures in the 600° Fahrenheit range. Additional protection factors to keep in mind include the thickness of the mitt, as well as the length, so your hands (and forearms) are covered to your comfort level—a sturdy grip is also essential, so you don’t drop whatever you’re carrying. 

Your oven mitts will probably endure a lot of messes as you cook, whether it's drops of spilled stew or grease from a pan, so being machine-washable and dryer-friendly is incredibly helpful. And if you’re planning on keeping them displayed, you’ll want to consider design and color too. Keep reading for our picks.

Five Two Oven Mitts

Five Two Oven Mitts
Credit: Courtesy of Food52

Food52’s Five Two oven mitts and pot holders scored a 4.4-star rating from 61 reviews. The interiors are made from cotton terry, while the exterior is made from cotton twill and platinum-grade silicone—the latter is heat-safe up to 650° F, so you can feel confident pulling hot pots, pans, and sheet pans out of the oven. Another helpful feature? Both the mitts and the potholders come with loops and magnets for easy hanging. There are four colors to pick from—blueberry (pictured), maple, peppercorn, and rhubarb—and you can opt to buy the oven mitts as a set separately ($40), grab them in a larger set with the potholders ($60) or Five Two Ultimate Apron ($70), or as a complete set with the potholders, apron, and Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels ($139 total). Once they need to be cleaned, wash them in the washing machine on cold (Food52 recommends with like colors) and tumble-dry them on low turned inside-out, taking them out right when they're done. At their “widest point,” the mitts are 15 inches long and seven inches wide.

Five Two Oven Mitt Set, $40 at 

OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitts

oxo good grips silicone oven mitts

OXO's silicone oven mitt is 13 inches long, and "flame-, stain-, and steam-resistant," per the product description. It's machine-washable, too.

“I'm a simple woman with simple needs and one of them is this: not burning the crap out of my hands. And yet over the years it has happened more times than I care to count, despite my wearing what I assumed was a sufficient prophylactic device. You had one job, mitt! But the OXO Silicone Oven Mitt has never failed me. It's roomy, sturdy, extra-buffered by a sheath of nubbled silicone at high-contact points for extra protection, sports a handy little loop so it may dangle from wherever you need it to do so, and comes in a delightful array of colors to complement your kitchen decor and/or aura. Now that's hot stuff.” –Kat Kinsman, senior editor

OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt, $15–$16 (depending on color) at and

Pit Grilling Mitt

pit grilling mitt

Okay, so it’s not technically an oven mitt, per se, but this mitt comes in handy for grilling. It’s heat-resistant up to 475° F, made with an aramid fiber exterior (Williams-Sonoma describes the aramid fibers as "superbly heat-resistant") and cotton lining. Each mitt is 13 inches long and 6.25 inches wide—as a bonus, they’re reversible, so both right-handed and left-handed cooks can use them. Hand-wash them to clean.

Pit Grilling Mitt, $20 for single mitt and $35 for a set of two at

All-Clad Oven Mitts

all-clad oven mitts
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

All-Clad’s oven mitts received high ratings across Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re 14 inches long and seven inches wide, made of cotton with a “silicone-treated front and back,” per the product description, so both left-handed and right-handed cooks can use them. As for the heat-resistance, they’re resistant up to 500° F, and stain-resistant and machine-washable as well. You can buy individual oven mitts in a pewter color at Crate & Barrel, as well as in multiple colors on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond; sets of two are also available through Wayfair and Amazon.

“These are the second pair of these oven mitts I have. The original, well-worn pair was a gift, and I never want to use any other type!” one user wrote in a review for Crate & Barrel. “I feel safe and secure reaching into hot ovens; the mitts are protective, reaching up the arms.”

All-Clad Pewter Oven Mitt, $15 at

All-Clad Silicone Oven Mitt, $15 at

All-Clad Textiles Deluxe Heat and Stain Resistant Oven Mitt, $13–$15 for one oven mitt and $30 for a 2-pack at

All-Clad Oven Mitt (Set of 2), $30 at

Williams-Sonoma Ultimate Oven Mitt

Williams-Sonoma ultimate oven mitt
Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Like Food52’s oven mitts, Williams-Sonoma’s Ultimate Oven Mitts are heat-resistant up to 650° F and are 15 inches long and seven inches wide. Colors range from pumpkin to sky blue, for a total of six—they’re made from 100 percent cotton and “dipped in textured silicone from the wrist down,” which promises to provide traction and "protective insulation." On the inside, they’re lined with poly-fleece, and there’s also a grommet so you can hang them up. Cleaning-wise, you can machine-wash them on cold (Williams-Sonoma recommends doing so inside-out with like colors), and tumble-drying them on low inside-out as well, taking them out "promptly" when done.

Williams Sonoma Ultimate Oven Mitt, $20 at

HOMWE’s Best-Selling Oven Mitt

homwe oven mitt
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

HOMWE claims the number one best-selling oven mitt on Amazon, available in 13.7-inch (the best-selling model) and 14.7-inch styles in multiple colors—the red and black 14.7-inch model (pictured) is marked as Amazon’s Choice for “silicone oven mitts.” The mitts are heat-resistant up to 450° F, according to the Amazon description, steam-resistant, and the silicone part is "entirely waterproof." Helpful features include a quilted cotton lining and a textured palm for a better grip. You can machine-wash them when it’s time to clean, but they’re also said to be “stain-resistant” and can be cleaned with soap and warm water. The silicone is BPA-free.

HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt, $13–$15 (depending on length/color) at 

The 'Ove' Glove

the ove glove
Credit: Courtesy of Target

The 'Ove' Glove is audience engagement editor Caroline Schnapp’s oven mitt of choice. Like the Pitt Mitt, these are also five-fingered gloves, although you can machine-wash them. They're made from the "tough heat & flame resistant material used by firefighters," according to the package, with the outer layer made from 100 percent aramid fiber and the inner layer made of 100 percent cotton elastic. They also have a non-slip silicone grip, and “can withstand heat up to 540 degrees F,” per the product description. Both Target and Walmart customers gave them a 4.7 out of five-star rating from dozens of reviews. Note that these are among the shortest in length out of the bunch, ringing in at 11 inches long and six inches wide. So if you’d prefer more forearm coverage, consider opting for some of the 13- or 14-inch-plus options on the list.

The 'Ove' Glove Two Pack, $20 at and $20 (was $29) at 

Axe Sickle Pinch Mitts

axe sickle silicone pinch mitts

Senior editor Margaret Eby likes to use these silicone pinch mitts specifically to handle the inner pot in the Instant Pot (e.g., taking it out to drain beans), noting that they have a good grip. Per the product description, they’re heat-resistant up to 428° F, made of food-grade silicone, and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. These are pretty small, and the description says that they “just can cover the fingers,” so again, if you’re looking for coverage, keep that in mind. Pick from three colors—purple, green, and blue.

Axe Sickle Oven Mitts, $7 at