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18 Essentials from Amazon to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Including charcoal grills, patio furniture, and mini fridges.
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Normally around this time of year, we're still holed up indoors waiting for the weather to truly heat up. But this year is unlike others, and after a grueling winter, we're all certainly ready to spend as much time outdoors as possible—even if it's just in the backyard surrounding the grill or lazing on the patio furniture reading a book.  

And while that space may have been adequate in years prior, one way to make it a little more thrilling is by crafting an outdoor kitchen. This could be a designated space on the patio with shiny built-out appliances, grills, and wine coolers—an extension of the main kitchen, just al fresco—or simply a few accessories here and there (think comfy lounge chairs and a cooler cart). 

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to check out a selection of Amazon essentials necessary to build out an outdoor kitchen, whether you're starting from scratch or just looking to add a few pieces to level up the grilling area.

The Best Grills and Grill Accessories for an Outdoor Kitchen

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First and foremost, a grill is one of the most important aspects of an outdoor kitchen and should serve as the centerpiece. Amazon has a slew of choices, including charcoal and gas grills, as well as grill heads that can be attached to counter spaces rather than standalone pieces. If you've already got a grill at home, consider perching a Shark Tank-approved pizza oven for outside or a smoker that's sure to replicate your favorite southern barbecue.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

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While an outdoor kitchen can certainly be ready with just a trusty grill and a set of tables and chairs, there are ways to give the space a little more pop. Consider investing in a mini fridge or cooler cart to store cold drinks and a waterproof trash can so you don't have to walk back and forth between the house and patio to toss out cans and other garbage. If you're cooking for a group, it's worth placing a moveable dining cart near the grill so you can have all your equipment and food in one place. Plus, it's an excellent surface to rest an ice maker.

The Best Patio Furniture for an Outdoor Kitchen

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No outdoor kitchen is complete without patio furniture. For something cozy, try the U-Max 7-piece set, which includes a rattan wicker sectional sofa and tea table. If you're looking for something more synonymous with dining, the best-selling Flash Furniture square table is just $59. And for those spaces that get super hot in the daytime, don't forget to invest in an umbrella or shade to keep the sun out of your eyes.