11 Useful Kitchen Gifts for the Cook Who Has Everything

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Master Maison 7.5" Damascus Steel Cleaver Chef Knife Set, Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, Stainless Steel Spaghetti Measurer Tool
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Some home cooks—myself included—have their kitchens so well-stocked that it can be impossible to find a cooking gift that they don't already own. Shopping is never more frustrating than when looking for someone who already has everything, especially when the anxiety of the holiday countdown starts to set in. But don't worry! If a new knife or cutting board won't cut it, there are still a ton of creative gifts for chefs that you probably haven't thought of yet.

We've done the digging for you and rounded up some out-of-the-box kitchen gifts that are functional, thoughtful, and more importantly, inventive. If you're at a loss for what to give the chef in your life this holiday season, check out some of these inventive gifts from brands like Made In and Lodge.

Finamill Battery Operated Spice Grinder

spice grinder
Courtesy of Amazon

This battery operated spice grinder adds extra functionality to even the most well-stocked home kitchens. It comes equipped with interchangeable spice pods that easily swap in and out, allowing you to quickly grind different spices without any mess or clean up. Just fill the pods with your favorite whole spices, lock it into place, and press the button to grind. A built-in LED light makes seeing your food even easier.

To buy: $40, amazon.com

Lodge Cast Iron Pan Scraper

lodge pan scraper
Courtesy of Amazon

Serious home cooks know how important it is to take care of cooking equipment, and this $7 tool is an easy way to care for cast iron tools. A pan scraper is a guaranteed way to tackle even the toughest, most caked on bits of food, and this one comes with a standard edge and a grill edge. It's durable and sturdy with an easy-to-grip silicone handle.

To buy: $7, amazon.com

Master Maison Damascus Steel Meat Cleaver

steel cleaver
Courtesy of Amazon

Most home cooks are already set with their favorite chef's knife, but if you're looking for a gift they don't already have, try thinking beyond the usual cutting board tools. A meat cleaver can be more versatile than the name implies—it's perfect for cutting into tough fruits and vegetables like pineapple and squash—and this one from Master Maison is forged with Damascus steel. The complete set comes with a sharpening stone, drying cloth, and mosaic handle and gift box.

To buy: $110, amazon.com

De Buyer Carbon Steel Pan: 26% off

nonstick pan
Courtesy of Made In

Every chef knows the benefits of a cast iron pan, but some home cooks still aren't privy to its more refined cousin, the carbon steel pan. A carbon steel pan acts like a cross between a cast iron skillet and a nonstick pan as a two-in-one culinary workhorse. Carbon steel is slick enough to scramble eggs and durable enough to perfectly sear steaks and chicken thighs. Even if your favorite home cook is already stocked with pots and pans, this is a piece of equipment they might not already have.

To buy: $55 (originally $75), amazon.com

Made In Universal Silicone Lid

Courtesy of Made In

In my experience, some of the most passionate and excited home cooks are also the messiest, and this universal silicone lid is a polite way to encourage them to clean it up a bit. Food splatter is an unpleasant but inevitable effect of most culinary adventures so we love that this lid fits multiple sizes of pots and pans. This silicone lid is made with a stainless steel interior for extra durability, and is heat resistant, dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To buy: $59, madeincookware.com

Nordic Ware Cozy Village Baking Pan: 6% off

nordic ware
Courtesy of Amazon

Forget cookie cutters, Nordic Ware's line of decorative pans takes holiday baking to an entirely new level. This sweet piece is perfect for baking up your own mini gingerbread village with its cozy design. Made from nonstick aluminum, it ensures evenly distributed heat and consistent cooking throughout all the little nooks and crannies of the pan. The nonstick coating makes it easy to use and even easier to clean.

To buy: $32 (originally $35), amazon.com

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer: 50% off

mug warmer
Courtesy of Amazon

For coffee lovers, there's nothing worse than when a warm cup of coffee quickly starts to cool. That's why this mug warmer makes such a great gift—it keeps your coffee hot and fresh all morning long. Perfect for tea, cocoa, and soup, this easy-to-transport gadget is a steal at over 50% off right now.

To buy: $12 (originally $25), amazon.com

Made In Champagne Saber

champagne saber
Courtesy of Made In

Though sabering bottles was reserved for the caves of Champagne? Now you can saber a bottle in your own backyard (or living room) with Made In's newly launched Champagne Saber. Made of stainless steel with an ebony wood handle, this saber is the impressive gift that every serious sparkling-fan will appreciate.

To buy: $200, madeincookware.com

Spaghetti Measuring Tool

stainless steel
Courtesy of Amazon

If you find yourself guessing every time you make spaghetti, you need this handy gadget in your life. The stainless steel tool easily tells you exactly how much dry spaghetti to cook up for the amount of people you're feeding. At $7, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for experienced home cooks and amateurs alike.

To buy: $7, amazon.com

Modern Picnic Luncher

picnic bag
Courtesy of Modern Picnic

These super chic lunch boxes are a surprisingly elegant way to transport food. Disguised as a fancy purse, the insulated bags come in a variety of different sizes for any type of picnic. We love the Luncher for commuting to the office or the Mini for bringing cheese and crackers to your next park picnic.

To buy: $149, modernpicnic.com

Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet: 41% off

kitchen conversion chart
Courtesy of Amazon

Even professional chefs have questions when it comes to kitchen conversions. This handy magnet takes the guesswork out of multiplying recipes because it does the culinary math for you. Right now, you can stuff every stocking on your list for over 40% off.

To buy: $9 (originally $15), amazon.com

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