I'm Jewish, and I'm Obsessed with Our Place's New Shabbat Set for Friday Night Feasts

Your very own Shabbat starter pack.

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Shabbat Set
Photo: Courtesy of Our Place

Growing up in a Jewish household, Friday night at sundown marked the beginning of Shabbat (also known as the Sabbath), a 25-hour event that ends Saturday evening at sundown. The weekly ritual starts with lighting Shabbat candles, blessing wine, washing hands, and enjoying challah before you dig into a feast with friends and family.

There isn't one way to celebrate Shabbat. For some, it means powering off your cell phone and disconnecting from electricity, or enjoying a hearty bowl of cholent on Saturdays. For me, it's always been about my family's incredible Thanksgiving-level meals, jam-packed with seasonal side dishes, succulent chicken thighs, and, most importantly, challah to soak up the marriage of sauces that form on your plate.

That's why I'm so excited that one of my favorite cookware brands, Our Place, just released a new piece that's made for Shabbat's special meals. The Shabbat Set is a stylish starter pack to streamline a delicious and successful feast.

Shabbat Set
Courtesy of Our Place

To buy: Our Place Tradtionware Shabbat Set, $150 at fromourplace.com

The Shabbat Set is the second installment of the brand's limited-edition Traditionware, a collection of kitchen items that showcase the rituals and traditional kitchen goods of different cultures, while simultaneously partnering with community organizations to give back. In this installment Our Place is donating 5,000 kosher meals through the Jewish organization Met Council, to help fight food hunger within the Jewish community.

This set brings me so much joy. I love that Our Place took the time to represent the sanctity of Shabbat in a way that pays homage to it and makes it approachable for people outside the Jewish faith. The brand also consulted artists, photographers, and designers within the Jewish community to bring this vision to life, which I find super important.

The Shabbat Set comes with all of the tools you'll need to master your own Shabbat dinner: an Oven Pan, a reusable silicone oven mat, a challah cover, and curly candles to bring it all together. The pan comes in a new limited-edition deep teal called Eve. If you're a fan, the brand also added a special hue to its Always Pan and Perfect Pot lineup.

Shabbat Set
Courtesy of Our Place

To buy: Always Pan in Eve, $145 at fromourplace.com

The candles are crafted from beeswax for an extended burn time that will last you from the start of your meal until the end of it. While the challah cover, designed in partnership with home goods retailer Minna, is hand-stitched by artisans from Mexico. The 100% cotton material makes the perfect covering for challah as you bless it.

The Oven Pan is essentially the main character for your feast. It's the perfect size for crispy challah loaves, but equally as great for brisket, roasted chicken, and delicious sheet cakes. The reusable silicone mat takes on the role of parchment paper, with 1-inch squares to easily measure your challah, and makes your pan completely nonstick — for less cleanup later on.

Shabbat Set
Courtesy of Our Place

To buy: Perfect Pot in Eve, $165 at fromourplace.com

Retailing for $150, this launch is a beautiful all-in-one set to bring Shabbat into your household. And with Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year) on the horizon, this set could not have come at a better time. It not only celebrates the things I love most about being a Jewish person, but showcases the importance of being together and enjoying a festive meal with the people we cherish. I'm excited to use this set in my new apartment and host my very own Shabbat feast.

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