If You Hate the Mess of Frying at Home, This $30 Tool Is for You

 I tried Our Place’s newest accessory, and it’s a game changer.

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Our Place Fry Deck
Photo: Courtesy of Our Place

Known for its aesthetically pleasing kitchen goods and all-in-one cookware, Our Place is an editor-favorite brand that has graced social media feeds and countertops nationwide since launching in 2019. After finding immense success with its versatile Always Pan and Perfect Pot launches, the brand is at it again with its newest addition, the Fry Deck—a small, grate-like accessory that promises a better frying experience.

The Fry Deck sits on top of the Perfect Pot or Always Pan to optimize the nonstick cookware for frying. The grate both creates a convenient spot to place fried items as they finish cooking and eliminates the tedious, messy process of draining excess oil from fried items altogether. It costs $30, comes with a pair of wooden chopsticks, and is available in five attractive shades, spice, steam, char, blue salt, and sage.

Our Place Fry Deck
Courtesy of Our Place

To buy: The Fry Deck, $30 at fromourplace.com

The brand sent me the Fry Deck ahead of the launch last month to try it out. Spoiler alert: I'm a fan. It's nonstick, heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, measures around 11 inches long, and weighs a third of a pound. I opted for the spice hue, as it matches the shade of my Perfect Pot, and I was pleasantly surprised how lightweight it felt since it's made of aluminum.

I'm someone who usually opts for sheet pan meals since I hate the cleanup frying usually requires. But I was excited to see if this product would change my mind. I used the fry deck over the course of a few days with a variety of dishes, including some frozen vegetable gyoza, chicken Milanese, and scallion pancakes.

Our Place Fry Deck
Courtesy of Our Place

It's important to note that the Fry Deck covers almost half of the pan, so you do lose a little bit of accessible cooking surface. However, you can see through (and workaround) the grates, and I found the sturdy resting place actually streamlined the frying process. It proved particularly useful for my veggie dumplings, which sizzled and browned at different times. With this handy accessory, I was able to pull off my finished pieces and monitor the others without having to leave the pan or fumble with a paper towel-lined plate. The wooden chopsticks also made it easy to pull my dumplings out of the oil, making me question why I haven't cooked with the utensil sooner.

Best of all, the grate actually functioned as a splash guard, preventing the majority of oil from flying all over my stovetop. Ultimately, I was left with perfectly crisped gyozas that were ready to eat and no large kitchen cleanup. As for cleaning the Fry Deck, itself, you'll need to hand-wash it. But its nonstick ceramic coating was easy to wipe down.

So if you're an Our Place cookware owner looking for an easier way to get golden, crispy fried foods, consider picking up The Fry Deck for yourself. It's available exclusively on Our Place's website and retails for $30. But keep in mind that the brand's launches tend to sell out, so get your hands on this hot new accessory ASAP.

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