If You're Planning a Holiday Party, This Gadget Opens Wine Bottles in Less Than 10 Seconds

Oster’s Cordless Electric Wine Opener is on sale for under $20.

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Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter
Photo: Amazon

When in doubt, a bottle of wine is a great gift for a host. But, if you really want to brighten their spirits this holiday season, skip it. Instead, give them a gadget that cuts down on the time and effort of removing corks from their favorite bottles.

An electric wine opener not only saves users fingers from the endless twisting of a manual corkscrew, it also has the side benefit of getting a glass of wine in your hands a lot sooner. Anyone who has watched their father-in-law struggle with a bottle of Merlot knows the pain of waiting with your empty wineglass outstretched like an orphan in Oliver.

The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener pulls and releases the cork from wine bottles with the push of a button. And right now, it's on sale for just $20.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener, $20 (originally $25) at amazon.com

How does Oster's electric wine opener work? Good question. First, you will need to remove the bottle's foil seal using an included manual foil cutter. After the seal is cut, place the wine opener over the cork. Press the down arrow button and a corkscrew automatically twists into the cork and pulls it free. Then, press the up arrow button to spin the corkscrew in the opposite direction and release the cork. The entire process takes just 15 seconds.

The wine opener also comes with a charging base. After six to eight hours, it should have enough juice to open 30 bottles, according to the manufacturer. So, feel free to add folks to the invite list.

There's a reason the Oster wine opener is a best-seller on Amazon with more than 6,300 five-star reviews. Shoppers love its versatility, low profile (it's less than a foot tall), and long battery life.

"I love this wine bottle opener!" wrote one reviewer. "I bought it to replace an old-fashioned opener that had cracked and was no longer of use. This Oster opener and charger fits easily into [the] corner of my kitchen counter, out of the way, and when I pull it out of the charger for use, it's fast and easy."

"I am an oenophile and have multiple different wine opening options," added another reviewer. "I saw this electric opener at a VRBO we rented and was hooked. It's easy to use and very simple… This makes a nice gift for your wine drinking friends."

Whether you're keeping it for yourself or thinking about a white elephant gift, don't wait to grab the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Opener while it's on sale for $20.

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