By Tommy Werner
Updated August 11, 2014

Doing battle with a mixed-up ring-full of measuring spoons can be a real pain. Luckily, design student Rahul Agarwal is here to save you from your cluttered kitchen drawers and spoon sets that are, for some reason, always missing the ½ tablespoon. Agarwal won an award from the industrial design community at Core77 for creating an adjustable spoon that folds up origami-style.

When you’re done measuring, the spoon folds flat, making it incredibly easy to store and clean. Like many new awesome designs, it’s still in the prototype stage, but Agarwal has priced out production at a remarkably cheap 8 cents a piece, so it likely will show up in our Amazon carts soon.

Meanwhile, it’s fitting right in with a market full of novelty spoons, such as the ready-for-the-pho Chopsticks Plus One or the genius of the ecookie (half cookie, half spoon). While we’re still trying to figure out the Splayd, an Australian hybrid of a fork, spoon and knife, we’ll keep folding our heads around the world’s first flat spoon.