Kitchen Shelves
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Here's How to Keep Your Open Shelves in the Kitchen Neat and Tidy, According to Amazon's Design Experts

Plus, some stylish products to get them looking photo-ready.
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When it comes to kitchen design trends, open shelving is here to stay. It involves either removing cabinet doors or installing shelves to showcase dishware, glasses, and more while helping achieve a more open, breezy look. But the challenge is figuring out what exactly to put in that open space. 

Thankfully, Amazon's design experts have some advice for styling open shelving so it looks Instagram-ready instead of like a messy hodge-podge. And while you don't need anything new to follow their tips, we've found a few stylish items you'll be excited to display. 

First, organize items based on convenience. While your grandmother's heirloom tea is likely worthy of showcasing, Amazon's design experts recommend placing your everyday essentials in the easiest-to-reach places, while saving lesser-used serveware, cookbooks, and fancy glassware farther back or at the tip-top. 

Next, use levels to create visual interest. If you have an impressive plate collection from your world travels, it's better to move pieces around in different areas instead of dedicating them to one shelf. Mixing pieces of different heights, sizes, and textures on the same surface will actually be more visually appealing and give a layered, well-collected look to this prime corner of your cookspace. Just make sure it looks well-balanced and not too busy.

Mix in some unexpected pieces. Who says the open shelving in your kitchen is just for dishware and wine glasses? Show off your personality by bringing in plant life, art work, and beautiful trinkets to create a one-of-a-kind vignette.

Lastly, arrange objects in groupings. While we now know not to place all the same type of glassware in a line, the design experts also recommend stacking several plates and grouping glassware instead of using prime real estate for one piece at a time. This will look more cohesive and help you make the most of your shelf space.

Feeling inspired? We've picked out some beautiful products to help you spruce up your open shelving. Scroll down to check them out, or head here for even more design ideas from Amazon.

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Le Tauci Pasta Bowls, Set of 4

View at Amazon ($35)

Consider this your excuse to finally refresh your daily dinnerware. We love these highly rated pasta bowls, not only for their gorgeous color but for their versatility; they're great for noodles, soups, ice cream, and more. Plus, they're even oven-safe. 

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Xun Colorful Fruit Art Prints

View at Amazon ($11 with coupon)

These fun and festive 8-inch by 10-inch art prints are just the thing to jazz up your open shelving. Display them across various levels in the same frame for a balanced look.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Menu Salt and Pepper Grinders, Set of 2

View at Amazon ($94)

Thanks to a sleek build of walnut-bronzed brass and steel, salt and pepper mills have never looked sexier. This set will bring a nice contrast to shelves in an all-white kitchen or complement the design of a more industrial one.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Bar Menu: 100+ Drinking Food Recipes for Cocktail Hours

View at Amazon ($28)

Books can help break up the monotony of glass and ceramics, so why not display one that's sure to inspire many a happy hour? This new book by drinks expert André Darlington, is sure to be in heavy rotation upon its release this fall.

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Deco 79 Contemporary Metal Amphora Vase

View at Amazon ($30)

A few blooms could be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your open shelves. We love this textured option that comes in a variety of sizes for all sorts of shelving situations.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Zahara Cold-Pressed Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

View at Amazon ($35)

Store your most precious everyday items in easy-to-reach areas of your shelves for a more beautiful display and more efficient cooking. A bottle of prized extra virgin olive oil is just the thing to fill in an awkward gap between pieces or showcase your favorite find from a recent Mediterranean getaway.