We Tried Joe Jonas' Canned Sangria, and We Collectively Agreed on Only One Thing

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If you told the pre-teen version me that I'd be sitting here, gathering both my coworkers' and my own thoughts on Joe Jonas' canned sangria, she would be… confused. But, I'm down for anything Jonas Brother-related, especially since I grew up in the same neighborhood as they did. And although a canned sangria from the brand Ohza definitely doesn't speak to my 10-year-old-self, it makes sense since a lot of Jonas' fans are grown up, and canned alcohol is having a moment.

Ohza is best known for its canned mimosas, which were created with convenience at the forefront. Instead of lugging cups, bottles, pitchers, and mixers around, its 12-fluid-ounce cans hold every ingredient in an on-the-go format. And after Jonas became a new co-owner this summer, the brand launched two of his own canned drinks: a red and white sangria.

Going for $49 for a 12-pack, both flavors were created to evoke the fruity, boozy, and fizzy nature of homemade sangria with none of the effort, and far less sugar. After receiving samples from the brand, three of our editors tried them out, including me. And while we can agree that these were super convenient, we had mixed opinions on the flavors themselves. Full disclosure, one of us doesn't like sangria at all.

Fizzy White Sangria
Courtesy of Ohza

To buy: The Fizzy White Sangria, 12-pack, $49 at drinkohza.com

The Fizzy White Sangria

The fizzy white is a combination of pear, peach, apple, and strawberry juice with natural flavors and sparkling white wine. It's supposed to have 80% less sugar than regular white Sangria. Though this wasn't my top choice, the white sangria was a favorite between the three of us. "I enjoyed the Fizzy White Sangria for its refreshing, bubbly, and tangy taste that paired well on its own or mixed with other alcohol," said Perri Kressel, our commerce editor (who doesn't like sangria).

I personally found it to be really acidic, although I could see how it'd make a refreshing drink, especially at a party with an uncomfortable hot room. And, Katie Macdonald, our senior food editor, said this was her preferred choice too.

You can snap it up in a 12-, 24-, or 36-pack, ranging from $49 to $99.

Fizzy Red Sangria
Courtesy of Ohza

To buy: The Fizzy Red Sangria, 12-pack, $49 at drinkohza.com

The Fizzy Red Sangria

Our editors found this to be a touch more artificial tasting than the white, but, this was my personal favorite. I found the fruity notes to be more apparent here, which made it feel the most sangria-like to me, though Macdonald and Kressel didn't like it because the flavors were too strong.

It's made with raspberry, blueberry, plum, and tangerine juices with natural flavors and sparkling red wine. Like the white beverage, this version has 80% less sugar than most sangria.

You can also grab this flavor in a 12-, 24-, or 36-pack ranging from $49 to $99.


Though we were split on which flavors we preferred and we didn't love some of the artificial notes, we all found the drink to be super convenient, especially for single servings. "I liked that the drink was easy to store and serve. I often think of sangria as a big batch drink that needs a jar or container. This made it easy to have a single beverage without the struggle of clearing the fridge or making a mess in the kitchen," Macdonald said.

We drank it in different ways too: a festive party with friends, a casual dinner, an evening walk, a picnic. Really anything, since it's portable and can easily fit in a cooler.It's pretty unique too. "I've never encountered a canned sangria, or at least one I've ever liked," Kressel added.

Whether you're searching for a new canned cocktail or simply want to support Joe Jonas, snap up these Sangrias to take along for any occasion. We agree that they're best for on-the-go situations, but if you end up loving them, no ones stopping you from making it your new go-to night cap.

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