I Was Skeptical of These $5 Wine Stoppers, but They Keep My Bottles Fresh for Days

No more wasting wine.

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OHMAXHO Wine Stoppers
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There's really nothing like enjoying a glass of wine after a long day. Though, after my roommates and I created a habit of finishing a bottle a night, we recently decided to scale it back and stick with one glass each. That meant I was on the hunt for a stopper that would keep our leftover wine as fresh as possible.

My best friend raved about the Ohmaxho Silicone Wine Stoppers from Amazon, which she'd been using for years to preserve her unfinished bottles. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical because of how affordable they are—just $5 for a set of five. But I decided to try them anyway, and they have become a game changer.

The Ohmaxho Silicone Wine Stoppers seriously work. They're made of stainless steel wrapped in silicone, which creates an air-tight seal that locks out oxygen (oxidation is what makes wine go sour). The stoppers are nonstick and flexible, so they fit in most wine bottles, and I've been impressed by their results. My wine is able to stay fresher for longer—even after a week, it still tastes the same as when I opened the bottle.

OHMAXHO Wine Stoppers (Set of 5),
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Ohmaxho Wine Stoppers, Set of 5, $5 at amazon.com

I also appreciate the stoppers have a low profile, which doesn't extend much higher than the top of the bottle. My wine always fits on my bottom refrigerator shelf vertically, but when it is jam-packed, I'm able to place the bottle horizontally on the top shelf—it never leaks!

Outside of wine, I've used the stoppers to plug beer, olive oil canisters, and other open bottles. And in addition to being dishwasher-safe, they take seconds to wash by hand. And because of the stainless steel core, they never rust and look brand new after every clean.

My friend and I aren't the only fans of the Ohmaxho stoppers. The set has nearly 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers confirming that they never leak. One reviewer said they're able to store wine bottles horizontally and not one drop spills out. Another person wrote that the compact stopper allows them to store tall wine bottles in their fridge, adding "These stoppers fit nice and low on the bottle, they are easier to put in and pull out, and they do a great job saving the wine."

Don't let good wine go to waste. Grab the 5-pack of the Ohmaxho Silicone Wine Stoppers for just $5 apiece on Amazon now.

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