Nutribullet Just Launched a Cordless Blender That's Half the Price of the Original

I’ve been using it even more than my full-size machine. 

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NutriBullet Go
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As a food writer, I know how important a blender can be. From breaking down frozen fruits and sturdy vegetables into sippable smoothies to whipping up dips and sauces in seconds, the powerful appliances are must-haves for home cooks. But I'm also a New Yorker living in a postage stamp-sized apartment, so I know that finding space to store a bulky blender is a challenge, too.

Since its inception, Nutribullet's small-but-mighty personal blender has been a handy solution for many of us. Designed with durable blades and a 600-watt motor, the gadget is an excellent tool for single-servings and mini meals. But now the brand has a new product that's not just ideal for tiny kitchens, but also the office, the car, the gym, or vacation—the Nutribullet Go Cordless Blender.

Unlike any of its previous models, the Nutribullet Go is cordless. It's powered by a 70-watt motor base and can run 20 blending cycles on a full charge. The portable blender only weighs 1.54 pounds, but is designed to handle bumpy commutes and rough terrain with its 13-ounce Tritan cup and to-go lid. Plus, it comes with a blade cover so you can carry the base with you in a gym bag or purse.

While the Nutribullet Go is primarily intended for grab-and-go meals, I've loved it even as I've been stuck at home. My small kitchen has just four electrical outlets, all of which are occupied by other appliances. With the cordless blender, I don't have to make any cuts. It's faster and easier for me to make morning smoothies, salad dressing, or sauce and, consequently, I find myself using my Nutribullet Go more than my full-sized machine.

Now, the Nutribullet Go isn't meant to replace a traditional blender. It's small, and the 70-watt motor won't handle tough ingredients like nuts or an entire container of ice. Plus, like other Nutribullet models, you can't add anything to the cup as it's running. But, as I've used it over the past month, I've enjoyed the convenience of having a mini blender to flavor my quarantine cooking.

But you don't just have to take my word for it. The lightweight blender already has rave reviews on the brand's site. "Love that there are no cords needed to operate so I can use it at my desk where there are no available wall plugs," one user wrote. "It takes the same charging cord as my cell phone does so I don't need to plug a new cord in to charge, I just use the one I have plugged into my PC when it needs to charge."

The Nutribullet Go comes in four colors—black, red, white and silver—and costs just $30, which is half the price of the original Nutribullet. So, no matter if you're tight on counter space or want a blender that can go outside the kitchen, there's no reason you can't splurge.

NutriBullet® GO Cordless Blender
Courtesy of Nutribullet

To buy: NutriBullet GO Cordless Blender, $30;

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