Is the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift a Chicken Wing Fountain?

You can also fill it with chocolate, cheese, or gravy.

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Nostalgia 24-Ounce Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Photo: Amazon

Valentine's Day is around the corner—and real ones know that the way to warm any heart is with a fondue fountain. Picture a lava flow of nacho cheese. A river of gravy. As a Kansas City resident, it is here that I am contractually obligated to suggest a barbecue sauce tributary alongside a mountain of smoky brisket. And yes, of course, you can enjoy a rich wonderland of chocolate inside the Nostalgia Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

The fondue fountain is a step up from the classic pot. It works via an auger that gently turns and lifts the liquid chocolate (yes, we can call it a Wonkavator) until it reaches the top where it then cascades down three stainless steel tiers. The chocolate drops into a heated bowl, where it is warmed and the process repeats. Why use a tiny fork to lose your piece of pineapple forever in a burbling morass of chocolate, when you could watch your brownie be enrobed like a dessert queen?

Valentine's Day Fondue Fountain
Courtesy of Amazon

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Dinner and dessert are covered, but "what about breakfast?" you ask, as you dip another strawberry into a cascade of white chocolate. Ah, perhaps I might interest you in a waterfall of warm maple syrup as decadent as the waffle machine you once booked a hotel room specifically to enjoy.

The only limit to what is possible is your imagination. Well, that and the viscosity of the liquid you're hoping to enjoy by the fountain. If your dip is too thick—sorry, spinach-artichoke dip will have to stay in the bowl—it will gum up the works. Too thin? Then that Wonkavator is out of service as your fruit punch doesn't have enough body to be twirled and lifted.

The joy is palpable in reading through Amazon reviews as this fountain has been the centerpiece of a "nacho bar" for a birthday party and a "next level" chocolate dessert table at Thanksgiving. More than 2,100 shoppers have given the fountain a five-star rating and there is no shortage of delightful uses for a fondue fountain. Here's one that could change the trajectory of your Super Bowl party this year.

"I bought this to see if it would work with hot sauce for chicken wings. It works very well, and it was a HUGE hit with my group of friends," wrote one shopper. "I wanted to write this in case there was any crazy person like me who wanted a 'chicken wing fountain.'"

Right now, a little wonder couldn't hurt. And whether you're looking to immerse brownie bites in silky chocolate or Lit'l Smokies in spicy nacho cheese, the Nostalgia Chocolate Fondue Fountain is wondrous. Get yourself to Amazon and let the love flow.

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