Grow greens in your kitchen with almost no effort.

By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 26, 2017
Courtesy of Hamama

If you’ve ever bought a bag of greens at the grocery store or the farmers' market you’ve almost certainly fallen victim to a common problem: They go bad before you can use them. You’re left with a smelly fridge of soggy salad and nobody wants that. Growing them in a garden is not a solution for many people, especially not in big cities (very especially not in big cities with long winters). There have been some elegant indoor solutions invented, like this under the counter greenhouse, but most are prohibitively expensive. But a new subscription service (yes, there’s a subscription service for everything now) is trying to solve the problem in a more affordable way.

Hamama sends enough of what it calls “seed quilts” to your door to last an entire month. The quilts are microgreen seeds planted in a medium that doesn’t require constant watering or even direct sunlight. And according to the company, the seeds will sprout and be ready to eat a little over a week after planting, allowing you to use and replant new seeds several times a month.

Courtesy of Hamama

For $16 a month, the setup for Hamama is about as simple as it gets. Simply fill the plastic container they send you with three cups of water, put one of its quilts in and…that’s about it. Wait for the seeds to sprout in about four days, remove the cover and wait for the sprouts to reach maturity a few days later. If you’ve been known to kill cactuses, these plants should even be able to survive you.

Now, as we said, Hamama kits are designed to grow microgreens. So we aren’t talking about whole heads of cabbage or dinosaur kale here. But even though they’re in a tiny package, microgreens are ready to eat and pack big punches of flavor on everything from pastas, to sandwiches and they make a fine, if miniature salad of their own. Right now Hamama has five different varieties you can grow: broccoli, daikon, cabbage, a salad mix or wheatgrass and you can pick up to three different ones every month. If you’ve been suffering from a fridge full of wilted greens, this could definitely be worth a try.