Shoppers Use This Versatile Fish Spatula to Flip Eggs, Pancakes, and So Much More — and It's on Sale

Snag it while it’s only $10 at Amazon.

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New Star Foodservice 43068 Wood Handle Fish Spatula
Photo: Amazon

Whether you're cooking fried eggs or vegetables on the grill, having the right spatula to achieve that successful flip is crucial. The only thing standing between you and the perfect flip is this fish spatula that Amazon shoppers swear by — and it's on sale for just $10 right now.

Sure, the spatula may be made for fish, but it actually comes in handy for so much more than that. You can use it to turn fluffy pancakes, eggs, and proteins, just to name a few. Thanks to its comfortable wooden handle and stainless steel blade, the spatula's 6.5-inch sharp edge slides right under food, making it easy to flip, crisp, and flatten items in the pan.

New Star Foodservice 43068 Wood Handle Fish Spatula
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: New Star Foodservice Wood Fish Spatula, $10 (originally $13) at

The spatula is made of sturdy, commercial-grade stainless steel that is durable enough to turn everything from larger proteins in a cast iron pan to smaller items like veggies. And when it comes to fish, the blade's durable design works especially well to prevent the skin from sticking to the pan and keep the meat intact while you flip it.

As a best-seller in Amazon's barbecue turners category, the spatula has racked up over 4,600 5-star ratings. Shoppers call it "versatile" and "flexible," and one shopper pointed out that this spatula's thin design makes it "perfect for flipping eggs." Another wrote that it's super easy to clean, while a third noted that its sharp edge is "great for grilling". One shopper even went so far as to call it their "new favorite kitchen tool".

Like with many wooden utensils, shoppers recommend hand-washing the spatula with water and soap. And just keep in mind that you should avoid using this spatula on nonstick pans, as the blade can scratch the surface.

With summer upon us, this spatula will become your go-to tool for the perfect burgers, crunchy grilled cheeses, and, of course, crispy seared fish. At only $10, it's an affordable and smart kitchen tool you'll use for years to come. Head to Amazon now to snag it while it's on sale.

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