This Space-Saving Kitchen Waste Bin Is My Secret to Cleaner Floors and More Efficient Cooking

And a set of two is on sale now for just $14 at Amazon.

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Navaris Hanging Kitchen Waste Bins
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Kitchen garbage is inevitable. As an avid-home cook and toddler mom, food scraps are piling up a lot faster than they did when I cooked less frequently — sans kiddo and fewer frown lines. They're also falling to the floor at a rapid rate as I'm whipping up meals while my daughter prances around the kitchen. We've all done the trash can tango. It's a delicate dance of rinsing vegetables over here, dicing over there, scooping up waste, and pivoting to the garbage can as trash falls to the floor.

Earlier this month, as I swept my kitchen floors for the third time in one day, I finally stopped to ponder the obvious. Could there be a smarter, more functional way to dispose of my food scraps? The answer? Yes. After browsing garbage cans and trash tools available on Amazon, I ordered a set of Navaris Hanging Kitchen Waste Bins; it turns out this kitchen tool was the answer to reducing my trips to the trash all along.

Navaris Hanging Kitchen Waste Bins
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Navaris Hanging Kitchen Waste Bins, Set of 2, $14 (originally $15) at

The Navaris Hanging Kitchen Waste Bins conveniently hook over my kitchen cabinet doors. I've nestled mine directly under my countertops where I use my chopping board most often. It securely stays in place so I can easily slide kitchen refuse directly into the bins. My trips to the garbage while cooking have whittled down to one single dump at the end of all my slicing, dicing, and prepping.

These garbage bowls are available as sets of two in neutral tones like white, gray, and blue that easily blend into the kitchen cabinets. The trash holders can hang on most standard-sized doors and cabinets up to 0.8 inches thick. At 11.4 inches long, 5.3 inches thick, and 4.3 inches tall, the bins are convenient to reach, but also small enough to stay discreetly tucked away. When I'm done with my food prep and I've emptied the waste bin, I wipe it down by hand with a dish towel or throw it in the dishwasher when it needs a more thorough clean.

This waste bin isn't a one trick pony either. Navaris' soft plastic hanging baskets have multiple uses. I've recently been filling mine with cleaning products, toiletries, and my daughter's craft supplies. This way, I can use the multi-functional bins outside of the kitchen, too.

Navaris's intuitive design results in a handy waste basket and organizing tool that makes for easier cooking prep, fewer trips to the trash, and fewer fights over who has to clean up. Grab yours now while a set of two is on sale for just $14 at Amazon.

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