By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 17, 2016
Credit: © Harlequin Illusions

If someone tells you they can make a bottle of wine disappear, you’d assume they’re looking to get wasted. But Tony Potter of Harlequin Illusions isn’t using a figure of speech when saying that his Pinetti Illusion Wine Rack can make your bottles of wine disappear. This unique wine rack literally makes it look like your wine has vanished.

According to the company’s website, Potter’s products are the result of a “life-long love of magic and illusion and his passion for woodworking” stemming from “years spent as both a circus clown and a stage illusion designer.” The Pinetti, which is handmade from red oak, can hold 12 bottles, six of which, when viewed from the right angles, will appear to have disappeared. Of course, you have to get your guests to stand in the right spot to fully appreciate the illusion, but I’ve found people are willing to do pretty much anything you say when you tell them there’s free wine afterwards.

Unfortunately, the Pinetti, which sells for $295, is currently out of stock (more are coming soon). Turns out Potter isn’t the only one who can make things disappear; the Internet can make entire supplies of cool products vanish overnight.