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This $20 Expandable Spice Rack Puts Every Jar Within Reach

It’s organized convenience at your fingertips.
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There are certain challenges in the kitchen that come with being short. Among the most frustrating: reaching that one spice you need to complete a recipe. But there's a simple accessory that solves that issue—and it's just $20 at Amazon. 

The mDesign retractable spice rack has three tiers and a chic metal finish, but its convenient capabilities are what make it so popular. The pull-down accessory has a stadium-style design that, when expanded, makes it easy to see every single spice from the front row to the tippy top. It's so effective that shorter chefs say it brings every ingredient to eye level. 

"I'm short," wrote one five-star reviewer, "My cabinets are tall. Being able to bring my often used spices to me has been a huge boon and made cooking much more pleasant—not to mention [it's] helping me keep my spice cabinet organized."

Each shelf is nearly 15 inches wide and 3 inches deep, so you can fit everything from cans of soup to bottles of oil to smaller mason jars of syrups and jams throughout. Organize items by most-used to least, or separate sweet ingredients from savory. Regardless of the method you choose, shoppers say it's something that looks good and makes them feel more at ease in the kitchen. 

"My cabinet looks so fancy, and all my spices are at arm's reach now," explained one reviewer. "I am really short, and it was so difficult for me to get a hold of the spice without having to use a step stool or calling for help. Now I just pull the rack down and [have] easy access."

Installation doesn't take much effort, either. There are two bases with two holes on each side of the rack that you screw into your shelf or cabinet, and hardware is included. Shoppers say the process is "very easy" and results in a "very sturdy" kitchen addition. 

Give your step stool a break and shop the expandable rack below—your lost spices deserve it.

mDesign Metal 3-Tier Pull Down Spice Rack
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To buy: $20; amazon.com