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Even Cast Iron Lovers Are Switching Over to This $44 Carbon Steel Pan

“I’ve always thought cast iron would be my only go to cookware. That said, I am completely sold on carbon steel.”
By Amy Schulman
July 07, 2021
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If you've long grown tired of lugging out a heavy cast iron pan every time you want to sear something, you're not alone. While beloved and integral to the kitchen, cast iron pans can be finicky—and they're especially hefty for the average home cook. For something that's in between cast iron and a basic nonstick skillet, try a carbon steel pan, which includes the benefits of cast iron coupled with naturally nonstick materials. 

The pan Amazon shoppers recommend is the Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Pan which has earned an Amazon's Choice stamp of approval and also happens to be on sale. Measuring 11.88 inches, the pan boasts excellent heat distribution and temperature control, making it easy to sear, brown, and grill just like you would with cast iron. Black carbon steel is a material that's naturally nonstick—so you won't have to worry about pieces of food latching to the bottom—and is free of chemical coatings like PTFE and PFOA.

A steel handle is welded to the pan's body, giving you plenty of security to flip and shake, while the angled design of the pan itself enhances sautéing, stirring, and mixing. The pan is compatible with high temperatures and all stove types, including induction. Plus, it's easy to clean: All you'll need to do is wipe it down with a wet paper towel to protect the seasoning.     

To buy: Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Pan, $44 (orig. $54) at

Over 3,000 Amazon shoppers have given the pan a five-star rating, calling it a "powerhouse skillet" and a "high performance pan." One shopper promises that after trying this pan, "you will never need, or have to trash, another nonstick pan." 

"I've been a cast iron fanatic for my 30-year cooking career," one five-star shopper shares. "Then I got an outdoor steel wok and loved the performance and flavor. So I looked for a pan of similar material. That's how I found this excellent pan. I can't believe this was only $40. The welded handle is really nice. Now that I'm familiar with it I really love it. The second meal I made with this pan was scrambled eggs and it was just as slick as Teflon nonstick."

"I've always thought cast iron would be my only go to cookware," another user says. "That said, I am completely sold on carbon steel. My Matfer is now my pan of choice. I've had it for about two months. Fried eggs slide right off, it heats fast, and is fantastic for searing steaks or anything that needs caramelization. The pan heats evenly and is considerably lighter than cast iron. I know there are lots of carbon steel cookware out there. I'm a pretty fussy guy and I really think you'll enjoy using Mafter."

Try carbon steel cookware for yourself by shopping the Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Pan for just $44 at Amazon while this deal lasts.