12" Premium German Steel Granton Edge Professional Carving Knife Set

Get Ready for Thanksgiving with This Affordable, Quality Carving Knife that 'Cuts with Ease'

Impress all of your guests with your knife skills.
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Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. For all of our planners out there, you're likely already working on your menu and taking inventory of the tools you have in your kitchen. The pie dish that bakes the perfect apple crumble and the roasting rack that never fails you might be ready to go, but what about the carving knife you're going to use on your carefully cooked turkey? This one key piece of equipment is often overlooked and dull or otherwise inappropriate knives (we see you, paring knife pulled out of the knife block) can ruin the bird you spent so many hours roasting. 

Carving knives can be expensive if purchased from a legacy knife brand, but it can be hard to weed through the many inexpensive options to find a sharp and reliable knife. But Amazon shoppers (along with their hundreds of five-star ratings and reviews) are loving the Master Maison Professional Carving Knife Set because it's affordable and cuts through food "with ease," as one shopper put it

12" Premium German Steel Granton Edge Professional Carving Knife Set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Master Maison Professional Carving Knife Set, $37 at amazon.com

This knife is actually a knife set. The carving knife also comes with a sheath to protect it in your utensil drawer, and a sharpener just in case it dulls over time (like any knife inevitably will). The 12-inch, German stainless steel knife is handcrafted from a single piece of high-carbon metal, meaning it won't have any weak spots where it could break or deteriorate over time. It was designed in collaboration with professional chefs, according to the brand, and because of the quality of the blade, Master Maison recommends avoiding the dishwasher and instead hand drying it immediately after cleaning it with a sponge to prevent dulling or denting the knife.

One shopper who purchased the carving knife said that they ordered it as a replacement for an older knife and they used it on prime rib. "Excellent carving knife," they wrote. "Knife cut through easily and accurately. Great replacement." Another said they'd recommend the knife because it's "very sharp, cuts easily" and has a "nice weight" to it. 

The carving knife is currently available at Amazon and delivers in only four days—even for non-Prime members—much sooner than plenty of other retailers, thanks to global supply issues. But, like the turkey this knife will carve, it isn't guaranteed to remain in stock for long. 

Order your own sharp and reliable Maison Professional Carving Knife Set today from Amazon to have it by your side when it comes time to carve your Thanksgiving Turkey.