Take your cooking to a higher level.

cannabis oil
Credit: Courtesy of Luke Beard

When it comes to cooking with pot, most of us think of a bad batch of “special” brownies we tried in high school. These days, however, with increased legalization occurring across the country, THC-infused foods and ingredients are becoming more readily available and quite gourmet. Here’s a look at some of the pantry items that’ll take your dishes to a new high, including a new, chef-approved THC-infused olive oil.

Remember, these products are only available in states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Please consult the following map for more information.


Perfect for adding sweetness to your tea or on a slice of peanut butter toast, this locally sourced, THC-infused honey from The Colorado Cannabis Company will give you just the right amount of lift to start your day. The honey contains 10mg of THC per serving.

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is about as close to a perfect food as any humanity has created. However, the three varieties of chocolate bars from The Future of Cannabis take the confection to the next level with added THC. The orange milk chocolate and peppermint dark chocolate both include 42mg of THC per piece. However, if you’re looking for a less intense experience, their birthday cake white chocolate bar contains only 8mg per piece.

Olive Oil

What could be more Northern Californian than a cannabis-infused olive oil? Pot d’Huile, a new olive oil that is now available in San Francisco is made from olive oil produced in the Sierra foothills and locally sourced cannabis flowers. Pot d'Huile currently offers 25ml and 125ml bottles and each bottle contains 1mg of THC per ml, which makes proper dosing simple and easy.


We’re sorry Folgers, but the best part of waking up might actually be a little THC in your cup. The Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Company offers more than 30 types of THC-infused coffees and teas of varying degrees of potency, from 20mg of THC per package for the casual consumer to 160mg per package for consistent medicinal use.

Fruit Chews

Warning: If you have kids and you buy them fruit snacks, make sure to keep them separate from these gummy fruit chews. Incredibles makes a number of different flavored gummies, including champagne, cinnamon, licorice and blue raspberry just to name a few. They range anywhere from 3mg of THC per piece to 20mg per piece for gummies designed specifically for medicinal use.

If you’re interested in learning more about using marijuana in the kitchen, check out our tips for hot to cook with pot here.